After It’s Gone

When love is no more, the viciousness of words
is the the weapon that cuts to the core;
all that is left are melancholic whispers, and thoughts of regret.
Years of unhappiness is a slow death,
culminating in the gasping of air in final breaths—
from deep wounds, the soul is disfigured,
and the heart relinquishes passionate feelings in its relent.
There are no goodbye kisses or last intimate experiences;
after the last screams, hatred rises to the surface,
and tears are shed in stagnant silence.
The door closes, and the first night of loneliness
brings more melancholia and darkness.
In an empty dwelling, after it finally sets in,
reality is cruel in its starkness.

Reckoning of Terror

I stumble,
the cross I carry falls away from me;
the weight of its heaviness cracking the foundation.
In agony my breaths are labored.
Eyes that gaze see beauty and devastation.
Duality tears me asunder;
I am filled with love, but a timid boy no longer;
to survive, I confront the terror
with a merciless heart, and weapons of war and armor.
Many battles have hardened my once soft exterior
and have made me stronger.
I weep no more because of the abandonment of my father,
and in my weariness, I remember the love of my mother.
I lean on my mighty sword to steady myself when the blood runs
and strike the terror again with fearless rage and precision.
One day the terror came and deeply wounded the boy with the bright smile,
so the terror must face its reckoning from the rage of a broken child.
He is not merciful, nor will he hear the terror when it cries;
He will continue to strike with fury, even after the terror dies.
He will slay the terror — and the terror’s lies,
to revive the soul of the boy that once brightly smiled.

They Whisper Our Names

If we should fall, tell the world of our exploits,
the pain in our hearts, and how for so long we survived the dark nights.
Tell them of what we’ve endured here,
the tears, the weeping, for so many years.
Tell them that we’ve loved and have been loved,
but by the third season our hearts were shattered
and the remnants of our loving hearts, scattered.
Tell them of the injustice we have endured here, and of our martyrs.
Tell them of the blood that runs every summer
and the crying voices that hope to conquer;
Tell them of the beauty of our mothers
and the quiet strength of our fathers.
Tell them that we weep and suffer,
but somehow we still survive the coldest winters.
Tell them that twelve judge us with prejudice,
and the color of our skin condemns us.
Tell them of apathetic eyes that watch us with hatred and bias
and the system set up to destroy us.
Tell them of our ancestors who came over on ships
to be enslaved for generations—
In tears, raped, separated and whipped.
Tell them that, at our breaking point we didn’t give a shit,
and we were not afraid of death in our final moments.
Tell them that their bullshit sentiments are meaningless
and they walk around as empty husks, soulless.
Tell them that we gave it everything we had,
and faced our fates with tears of resolve—and boldness.

Under the Darkness

The darkness underneath seeks to pull me in. It wraps its fiery tentacles around me as they sear my skin. The cold and desolate realm awaits my arrival with sinister enthusiasm. With fierce determination I resist.

Haunting voices whisper words of despair and self doubt into my ears. It seeks to break my will. I am tired and worn, but I still have fight left in me. The dark place promises me it will take my pain away, if only I submit to its will and renounce my determination. It recites to me soft and sweet lullabies to cast me into a deep sleep; my eyes are closed but I am still awake. I am gaunt; I am weak, but my heart will not fail. 

With flames of anger in my eyes, I balk at its proposal and mightily cry out for the light.