Longing Soul

Oh, beautiful Angel, see the state of my longing soul and the immensity of my sorrow — release me from the desolation of today and the despair of tomorrow. Descend upon me lovingly so the shelter and comfort of your wings I can borrow. Let me abide with you and sleep peacefully as you watch over me. Sing to me sweet songs that only the heavens know. Whisper words that are beautiful and celestial. Extract the many teardrops of my pain and turn them into calming midnight rain. Embrace me as a mother with a newborn child bonding lovingly after the pain. Let me be reborn in your light at night, and in the morning, kiss me in my slumber before you take flight. Touch my eyes, and illuminate my sight. Allow my head to rest in the valley of your breasts; the magnificence of your immortal heartbeat being the source of my warmth and my rest. Leave with me many strands of your hair so with a piece of heaven, I can dry my often falling tears when I am in distress; I will reach for you, Angel, and the healing balm of your caress. 


The heavens open, and arms stretch forth in the shining, highlighting what is beauteous, graceful and feminine. An angel who walks among unknowing men uttering ethereal whisperings, tearfully awaits her wings and a beautiful ascension.

The Inquiry

I inquired of an angel all things celestial and ethereal. I asked her the secrets of her existence that make her immortal. I asked her to take me with her on her ascension to heaven so I could leave the pain behind. She said these words lovingly, looking into my eyes — My beloved, your ascension will come with time; I know there has been deep pain and tears for many years, but look at the scenes of your life, you have conquered your fears. The things that cause you sorrow have been already removed from your life. You are stronger than you realize. It was then that she touched my crying eyes, kissed me, and said, Sleep now, and there will be a new beginning in you when you arise.

Heaven’s Daughter

Under heaven’s glory, a diamond shines brightly; she is earth’s light beam, connecting to the celestial unseen. The wings of her spirit easily lift her above the clouds where she glides effortlessly, looking down on the vastness of land, wondrous bodies of water, picturesque vineyards, and beautiful fields of delicate flowers that define her. Hear the conveyance of her soul through loving and reassuring whispers. A brown eyed angel she is, heaven’s daughter.

Ethereal Beauty

Standing in front of the mirror,
for a long time, she stared at herself
and began to remove the facade—
slowly peeling off all of the layers;
at the foundation she made a breathtaking revelation
as she wept, beholding a being
that was a divine creation,
exuding magnificence and
angelic light with every breath.

Adoring Elucidation

In your embrace, spiraling black waterfalls are released
Vastly flowing over brown hue contours,
Pouring into deep spinal ridges and forming new rivers.
Calming morning showers on yellow butterflies
With an emerging sunrise, are your whispers.
The brightness of your radiance is the accumulation
Of the rays of the sun, for seven summers.

Beautiful Mother

In and out of consciousness, before she left, she reached for her son, who wept with his head turned, and in that moment, she released all the pages of her depths, so that even in death, he could hold onto her; and with all the strength she had left, she lovingly whispered three words to him, while wiping away the tears of his weeping, in her last breaths.

Black waterfalls flow over brown contours
That cover the inlets of her spine;
The moon’s light shines on shimmering skin
In gorgeous twilight divine;
Her eyes are the mysteries of
One hundred thousand years;
Her mind is the intricacy of laughter
And the sorrow of tears.
Diamond chandelier earrings shadow the
Femininity of her neck;
Her own natural beauty is the essence of her adornment.
Her lips are the softness of honey butter,
And the sweetness of strawberry nectar.
Her beauty is the delicacy of the petals
Of burgundy rose flowers.
At the bottom of the depths of her soul
Are sweet and peaceful waters;
From her inception she was a shining star
Among many daughters.
Her undying love is the core of her being,
Surpassing the superficial and transcending
Into the ethereal realm.
None were created like her on the earth
Or under the heavens.
Many men desire to draw
From the depths of her water;
She was born in the winter with a heart of fire,
And is the obsession of secret desires.

An Angel Sleeps

Every time you cry 
On the inside I die
Smile for me now
And bring me back to life
Lest I perish without 
The last memory
Of your laughter
And intimate passion
With tender kisses
The morning after
Silks of ultramarine blue
Against soft skin
Complement your hue
Your loving eyes speak to me
And again and again
I give my heart willingly
Your touch alone
Eases my anxiety
Even if I’m far away
I am home when you speak to me
My love I am home when you speak to me
Even with my many faults
You love me fearlessly
I love you perpetually
Everyday adoring your beauty
We commune in sweet harmony
And in my arms you
sleep peacefully
In my arms an angel
sleeps peacefully