You cover me, like freshly laundered white linen
over varnished rosewood tables;

You cover me, like an abandoned child
protected under the mighty hands of the archangels;

You cover me, like a black veil over the face of
a grieving widow in agony, with the residue of pain
that was left behind silently on her pillows;

You cover me, like shade from the heat of the sun
under the tears of a weeping willow;

You cover me, like the broad wings of the Harpy Eagle
diligently hovering over her young;

You cover me, like the ozone layer over the earth,
protecting her from the sun;

You cover me, like a newborn
under the doting eyes of his mother’s embrace;

You cover me, every time you wipe away my tears
and gently kiss my face.

Broken Hearts of Love

I come to you broken;
I come to you unloved:
I come to you with tears
But I come with a heart of love;
Please look past my faults,
And see my wounded soul;
Extend your precious love to me,
And make me whole;
Explore the depths of me,
And see my heart of gold;
Take me into your warmth,
And bring me out of the cold.

Sending Love

Whatever you are going through, there is someone, somewhere who knows your pain and suffering. Who knows the torment and the sleepless nights that follow you. Who knows that you’ve tried and tried again, but you just can’t seem to break through. Our spirits are connected through the pain we endure, and one day together our spirits will be free, and like an eagle we will soar above the mountains high with the sun shining on us and warming our hearts. We will breath in the clean air and release all unwanted thoughts and fear. Always remember there are true hearts that love you, and in the silent night with compassion they cry for you.