When we cry together, know that I am your protector, lover and strong shoulder forever. Never forget, that when it storms I am your shelter. The depths of love have shown me secret paths that have transformed my once hardened heart and have made me better. I mean every word in every vow made to you, down to the letter. I was broken; so shattered — I sought healing through many sexual encounters, but there was still an emptiness, though I had many lovers. True intimacy is so much more than fleshly pleasure. I held you and kissed you the first night. I admit, that I wanted you, but a beautiful transcendency took a hold of me, and unexpectedly I uttered through a sincere whisper, Let’s just talk more and get to know each other. I listened intently to your life story as we lied together, and you moved me like no other. Baby, I swear you moved me like no other. It was then that my soul stirred within me, and I said to myself silently, I love her; I truly love her.

One Last Time

Kiss me with a euphoric vigor, and before you leave me forever, tonight again, be my lover. Allow me to make love to you one last time and leave the essence of my love for you deep inside. Open your heart to me so there I can forever abide; let me breathe your aura, pour out my heart to you, and look deeply into your beautiful eyes. Whisper sensually, that you will always love me, and wipe away my cries.

The Female Orgasm

Can women truly enjoy sex without reaching climax?

Is a woman reaching orgasm important in a marriage or relationship?

Do men place too much emphasis on trying to bring women to orgasm,
and if so, does that emphasis make men insensitive to women’s feelings?

These questions are discussed and answered from one woman’s perspective.
I find it to be an exceedingly interesting take on specific aspects of female sexuality.

Audio approximately 30 mins: https://www.theatlantic.com/podcasts/archive/2021/05/female-orgasm-industry-sexuality-myths/618979/

The “G–spot” Argument

Interestingly, the Gräfenberg spot argument has been ongoing since 1982. Scientists have conducted numerous studies with numerous opposing conclusions. Some women swear by G-spot orgasms as well as clitoral orgasms, and some women claim they haven’t been able to find their G–spot or/and it simply doesn’t exist. Here are a few studies and articles related to this decades old argument.