Vicious words wound deeply through fierce lips, spoken vitriolically; without pause, long held sentiments of resentment flow from the tongue fluently — in an instant, love is retracted and utterly shattered, marking a new reality. A feeling of impending desolation creeps in, exploiting the soft underbelly of vulnerability mercilessly. Tears are shed unceasingly as tormented weeping is carried out in cold darkness silently. The heart is pierced with the dagger of sadness then ripped apart violently. The soul withers as tearful eyes gaze lifelessly. Sleep is not found ; the appetite wanes, and in heavy sorrow the body moves listlessly. Hopes of forever are shattered instantly; the utterly broken heart feels the pull of death’s gravity, and in a depressive state, the tearful broken hearted question their sanity.

Recollection of Passion

If you ever loved me at all, take the remnants of my broken heart and shattered soul and make a place for me in the vastness of your most affectionate memories, and there I will forever be, rested in your warmth — rescued from the bitter cold of the purgatory of unloved souls who were forgotten by their formers lovers and left unknown without a loving home; in ceaseless weeping they roam; at 4 AM hear them moan, wailing, hoping to be remembered again in beautiful memories of intimacy, that hearken back to sounds of ecstasy. They are revived and again come alive with every former lover’s passionate solo release that used some part of their shared memories or with every familiar place they had both frequented that stir emotions of whatever happened to her or him and the contemplation of what could have been or the sentiment of anything loving.

I give all of myself, without regret and without fear that when I awake you may not be here. If I should lose you, let the pain in my heart be expelled through sleepless days and nights of heavy ceaseless tears — and in my mourning, let me hold you tightly once again, gently placing within the safety and secrecy of my sincere heart, the last remembered image of your beautiful face and the precious memories that we shared.

Black silk drapes atop radiant skin,
flowing over beautiful slopes and sensual mountains;
Amazingly, she poses perfectly with
an otherworldly aura of beauty; her hair pinned.
Loose strands rest against her face as if
holding the rays of the sun in a loving embrace.
Her lips are honey; her eyes, an ethereal gaze.

Intimate Whispers

Tonight, he takes care of her with more than just carnal pleasure; but with sincere loving whispers that move her, gentle kisses, and intimate secrets that he’s never told anyone, that he thought he would hold within his heart forever. He truly loves her, and it shows in the way he gives all of himself to her. There is an otherworldly beauty in the way they share joyous tears together. To give her the world, he would do anything within his power. She is a delicate flower, and daily he showers her petals with refreshing loving water. To taste of a woman’s essence, is to experience the gorgeous fulness of intimate transcendence. There is nothin more beautiful in this world or any to come than a woman. The warmth of her body alone moves him to emotion. To listen to the beats of her heart, is to be close to her in an intimate way that even the archangels would tearfully gaze upon. Every moment of immersion in her love is a deep breath. Every second she is held by him is akin to a desolate person finding love’s new beginning. Truthfully, he would die for her, willingly. She is his breath and the steps that reach his utter depths. Oh, what beauty it is to see a woman truly loved with her eyes closed in the throes of ecstasy! He kisses her passionately with the undertones of an affectionate intensity. What they possess is not just mere sexual compatibility, but a true and wonderful intimacy. These are the words that he whispered to her in tearful sincerity: I love you. With everything within me, truly, I love you baby. There is no other that captures me. In the rapture of our love, I find peace. In the wreckage of my life on unforgiving seas, you are the angel that cared for me and lovingly reached. You are the life within me; without you, I can’t breathe. You are the lone pink rose that grew beautifully in a desolate forest among many towering trees.

Crotchless White Lace

White lace drapes beautifully over smooth
wonderfully fragranced, moisturized sensuality.
It holds two lips in its embrace tightly;
Wet flesh peeks through its intimate opening
not so subtly, visually, pleasing aesthetically.
It is usually worn with heels and a lace plunge babydoll,
in a combination that enthralls sexually.
They are panties that do not need to be removed
for oral or penetrative pleasure in the heights of ecstasy.
From behind, what lies in-between white lace, protrudes
beautifully and even more prominently —
leading to a wet picturesque magnificent entry.

Love, Revive Me

The marrow of my soul calls out for loving warmth from the desolate cold. In the sea of sorrow I am unmercifully lashed to and fro. There is no lifeboat; memories of past love is my only prospective rescue. The hypothermia of the cold water slowly sets in, and I am listless — resigned to my fate. In my endless wading, for love’s reemergence I wait, but the moon’s pull causes the tide to rise; I am numb, I am so numb, both outside and inside. My foolish pride I did not cast aside. Why could I not tell her right then and there that if she walked away from me, a part of me would die ? If I must perish from the cold alone, I can at least say that I tried with everything within me to survive, but love is so difficult to find. My perpetual teardrops fall into the deep dark water that envelops me and are dissipated gradually into its dense salinity. The imminence of total immersion is upon me; after the next furious wave of sorrow, I shall be no more. I must quickly transcribe my own epitaph in solemn whispers, invoking passion and recalling intimacy in the warmth of the summer. My sincere letter;

Dear Love,

If you should find my body, resurrect me in the healing of your affection and intimacy. Let me be broken from the shackles of pain and desolation and be set free; let me find an angel who will set me upon her mighty wings as I cry and take me up into the night skies — flying over the dark and deep waters that made naught the tears I cried and from which I was inexplicably revived.

Tonight, My Angel

Tonight, hold me and let me me cry long held tears of pain in my vulnerability. Let your hair brush against my solemn face and kiss me in my weeping. Allow me to find comfort in the warmth of your breasts and peacefully sleep, finally finding my elusive rest. Tearfully, let me tell you all the things that you mean to me in sincerity; let me breathe the breath that you breathe and passionately give you all the love that is within me. Let me wash your hair in the wonderful aroma of nourishing conditioner with chamomile and lavender and blow-dry your flowing river right after. I find solace in the simple things, like watching you roll the length of your hair with curlers or seeing you moisturize your skin with body butter in the vanity mirror. Just your presence alone saves me from mental anguish and its terror. I adore the subtle intimacy of your loving whispers; tell me your feminine secrets, for I am in love with you that deeply. Let me see what you see and feel what you feel in all the ranges of your sensitive emotions, not just when you are happy. With love, you restore the pieces of my once shattered heart, slowly and methodically. What can a mortal render to an angel, save what he himself is and hopes to be? I give you even the marrow of my bones, my heart, and the very essence of me. I turn to you my angel; I turn to you, and you look upon me with gentle eyes. The words I transcribe from the bowels of my mind would have to be written in the ink of white gardenias, crushed rose petals and tears to even begin to describe the deep intimacy of my emotions. I love you with a transcendent love that pierces the clouds and touches heaven’s gates; tonight, my sweet love — hold me, sing to me, and lovingly caress my face.