It’s Over

When resentment seeps in and uncaring whisperings, is when the blooming of love has come to its final ending. It is like a beautiful painting eternally unfinished, but it is so good in the beginning; the intimacy, communication, affection and fucking are always so good in the beginning. Then come expensive lawyers, divorce proceedings, and scheduled visitations.


You are loving and irreplaceable. The comfort of you is that of the warmth of an angel. The bond you share with the precious gift that you gave birth to is unbreakable.  You are a vast field of roses in morning dew. You are a nurturing presence to all who need you. You are deeply loved; if no one has told you, let me now say thank you as an expression of my gratitude. The feminine softness of you is earth’s hidden jewel. You and all who love you are forever inseparable. There would be no new life without you. You are wonderful. You are truly beautiful. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and expectant mothers.

Love is Not

Love does not repeat words said in confidence to win arguments.

Love is not belligerent and argumentative.

Love is not exploitative.

Love is not constantly taking but refusing to give.

Love is not abusive.

Love is not selfish sexual gratification.

Love is not thoughtless in nature.

Love is not fickle.

Love does not forsake when the storm comes.

Love is not dismissive.

Love is not hurtful.

Love does not depart easily even when there is trouble. 


Please do not attempt to mind-fuck me again. It may have worked for you in the past, but I am starkly different from those other men. I approach life with a level of discipline. I appreciate beauty differently. I value a woman’s femininity with profound sincerity. I can gaze upon a naked woman and contemplate who she is internally without the need or desire to approach her womanhood sexually. Physical intimacy does not consume me. I am not juvenile in my thinking; I have greatly excelled in my maturity. What truly draws me to a woman is her mystery. Sexuality does not always have to be displayed overtly. I am comfortable in any degree of company — whether formal or informal, I always dress appropriately. I do not need to be the center of attention or speak loudly. Powerful oratory draws a crowd naturally. A crass woman without class is a turnoff, honestly; even if she is considered by many to be a woman of extreme beauty. Living a life of constant deception is unhealthy. You cannot emotionally manipulate me because you fuck me. I taught you pleasures unknown; I explored your body thoroughly. Upon knowing you initially, you didn’t even know how to self-pleasure effectively. In you, I unlocked a new level of intimacy. Ironically, now, you boast of your sexual prowess from mastery you learned from me. Let me give you a reminder of the wonderful levels of intimacy and sensuality: first, there must be a deep emotional connection; I’ll let you guess what’s second. You are beautiful undeniably, but sweetheart you will never possess the astuteness to be able to drain me monetarily.

Beautiful Lies (pt. 2)

From sensual lips beautiful lies are spoken eloquently and softly; I love you so much baby — you’re the only one for me. My love for you is like the deepest depths of the sea. I want no other; you’re the only one that I see. Our communication flows freely, so beautifully and effortlessly. I give the essence of my heart to you gladly, as I do my body. Take me in your loving arms, and kiss me passionately. I was lost in the storm, but you rescued me; now we are one, inseparable eternally.

The Girl from La Perla

I remember her, the girl from La Perla. We fell in love and spent the summer together. Under beautiful sunshine, we swam in clear blue water. We ate mofongo and arroz con pollo after we danced to salsa. Yes, I remember her. She had black hair that fell past her shoulders. Her name was Julissa. Purple was her favorite color, and she was an excellent kisser. I admit that I miss her. I recall us holding hands and staring lovingly at each other. She was like no other. It was a joyous occasion the day that she introduced me to her mother. We spoke of marriage and being together forever. She still has my heart; still, I love her. The special girl from La Perla that I will always remember.

Woman (pt. 2)

The sensitivity of a woman is not an imperfection but a blessing, for there is nothing more beautiful than the expression of her emotions. The depth of her soul is the vastness of oceans. Her mystery is only revealed through unadulterated intimacy. She is a flower; hold her delicately. To make her happy, shower her with affection and kisses unexpectedly. In the early hours of the morning, when she is sleeping, kiss her with loving sincerity and stroke her hair gently. To draw water from the well of her soul, you must engage with her intellectually and express your true feelings to her passionately.

To have her heart, she must know that you love her deeply and unconditionally with certainty. When you shed tears together and encourage each other, it becomes a transcendent intimacy. To desire a woman for only carnal pleasure is a tragedy that foolishly disregards her inner beauty and feminine secrecy. There should never be any selfishness in pleasing her sexually; a man that truly loves a woman will know the navigation of her body thoroughly. In all aspects, the most important quality is loyalty, for loyalty is the eternal reflection of love, and without love, there is nothing.

A loving and loyal woman is irreplaceable, precious, inestimable, wonderful, sensual, beautiful, intellectual, amazingly celestial, and living on a god-like level. Her delicateness is breathtaking. Her aura is ethereal. Pleasing her is so pleasurable. The emotions of her love, indescribable.