You are loving and irreplaceable. The comfort of you is that of the warmth of an angel. The bond you share with the precious gift that you gave birth to is unbreakable.  You are a vast field of roses in morning dew. You are a nurturing presence to all who need you. You are deeply loved; if no one has told you, let me now say thank you as an expression of my gratitude. The feminine softness of you is earth’s hidden jewel. You and all who love you are forever inseparable. There would be no new life without you. You are wonderful. You are truly beautiful. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and expectant mothers.

Do eyes not fall upon her femininity and marvel?

In her movements, is she not graceful?

When the sunlight highlights the strands of her hair
is she not an angel?

Are the depths of her heart not wonderful?

Are her kisses not passionate and sensual?

Is the essence of all that she is not beautiful?

A Woman’s Sexual Awakening

I stumbled upon a particularly riveting and moving podcast about a woman named Molly, who was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and decided to leave her sexually and emotionally unfulfilling marriage to start an adventure of sexual exploration.

It is number 42., Dying for Sex on The Atlantic Magazine’s, “The 50 Best Podcasts of 2020.”


Fire of Passion

Still, the love is there;
Still, he strokes her hair.
Their fire burns brighter than ever;
She replenishes his soul,
And he replenishes hers.
Forever, they are passionate lovers,
Beautifully seasoned with time
And lost in each other.
Still, he causes her body to shudder;
Still, she loves him with
A fervor like no other.

Depths of Love

Love’s secret depths are only found when tears are shed
And the strength of its power is taken to the edge,
When circumstances seem insurmountable and at the end;
It is only then, that it is truly tested and the beauty of its
intensity and potency is manifested.