The Third Wave

After the second wave ends, the third wave begins.
Words cannot describe what she feels inside, while
She sits on his face, moaning, with heavy breathing.
His stiffened tongue finds her G-spot, and suddenly
She is flushed with intensity and on the verge of releasing.
His lips and tongue keep going without stopping;
Erotically she screams as she has her third orgasm.

Thirteenth Floor

Jennifer was already wet at her desk, but the tone of Vincent’s voice and his seductive stare took her over the edge. She desperately wanted him to suck on the erect nipples of her breasts and bend her over the desk in her office, deeply penetrating her with girth and length that would take away her breath; her mouth watered at the prospect of getting on her knees and intensely sucking him to climax, while at the same time, pleasuring herself. Unable to take the waves of erotic thoughts anymore, she took the elevator down to the thirteenth floor — where she knew there was a single occupancy restroom that was seldom used. She walked through the door. Sprawled on the floor, she pulled down her black lace panties, and on her clit, she let her fingers explore; feverishly rubbing her erogenous spot with one hand, and with the other — lightly pulling and twisting her nipples until she could take no more. Right before releasing, she envisioned him spanking her ass in her office chair and stretching her with his full measure as he pulled her hair. So lost was she in her euphoria, that on that day, Jennifer could have shed tears. She shuddered uncontrollably in pleasure, holding back the screams — but she released through erotic whispers, soaking her stockings in the passion that she concealed.

What She Wants

Starved for an orgasm, she kept saying to him, Baby, please make me cum.
She really enjoyed feeling the depths of the girth and length of his shaft,
But on that particular night, he knew that her body craved
the skillful use of his tongue to make the euphoria last.
He started, by softly and passionately kissing between her thighs,
Then with the tip of his stiffened tongue, he talentedly teased her ass;
He paused and whispered to her, Suck your fingers then rub your clit while I do this
Through heavy breaths she responded, Okay baby; I thought you’d never ask.
In his desire to thoroughly please her, he went deeper, giving her all he had.
By the time the ninth minute had passed, she already had two intense orgasms
And was begging to be fucked hard on her back, with the measure of his shaft.

Rhythmic Tongue

He kept skillfully using his tongue to please her, while at the same time,
slowly sliding his fingers rhythmically and passionately in and out of her.
Without being asked, he longingly ventured lower so his tongue could explore her ass.
He teased her as he went deeper, looking into her eyes directly as she begged for more;
She told him seductively that she needed him and that she wanted to be his whore.
She held on long to savor the pleasure, but unable to take it anymore,
she let go — drenching his face with the wetness of her squirting organ—
and muffling her erotic screams in the softness of her white pillows;
her face of erotic euphoria slightly turned and pressed against the headboard.

Erotic Vampiress

In the day she rests, and at night, she feeds from the blood of punctured necks.
She entices the men she selects, to suck and lick the erogenous nipples of her breasts
and enter the depths of her wetness before they take their last breaths.
She is an erotic vampiress, who enjoys playing with herself in the stillness of darkness.
Remnants of blood that she drinks are licked from her lips adding to her excitement,
until she releases intensely, deciding to taste the passion that drips from her fingers.
Her sexual tones are beautiful, like the voices of many soprano opera singers;
until the dawning of the morning, she allows her intense eroticism to linger—
piercing the darkness with screams of pleasure until the time comes for her slumber.

Lingerie (Pt. 2)

Lace, wraps the contours of her body beautifully.
Her gloss red nails contrasts against her tulle tights sensually.
She is a goddess in heels, essentially; a woman, who other women envy.
Without her stilettos, she stands at 5’3″ wonderfully.
Reverse cowgirl is her favorite position, but to climax
A little differently, she likes to ride his tongue, occasionally.
When he’s inside her from behind, she likes to look back at him teasingly.
To go deeper inside her, he holds onto her garter belt tightly.

She does her own nails, but most times, she gets them done professionally.
Sometimes, he teases her, by licking her wetness through her panties;
She wants him to release all over her torn sheer stockings and black heels.

Released Passion

Over the phone, in sensual tones of heavy breathing, she asked him again and again
if she could release what for so long she had been holding.
He finally said, yes, and then she screamed uncontrollably,
squirting — leaving everything wet, and shuddering as she exploded.

Amorous Whispers

Seductive whispers drive her passion
To the edge of an intense orgasm.
For so long, longing lips wanted to be kissed;
For so long, she wanted to be missed.
For so long, she was unhappy in her prior relationship,
But now, finally — she is his.
He loves her deeply, expressing his
Passionate feelings through intimacy;
Undoubtedly, they belong to each other completely.
As he goes deeper inside her—
Through luscious lips,
She whispers his name amorously.

Three Day Tryst

They met at a five star hotel for a three day tryst;
they both told their significant others that
they would be away for a few days on business.
For her flight, she wore a recently purchased
violet lingerie set underneath an off–white dress
and black pumps that glamorized her steps.
Upon seeing her lover, she was immediately wet.
As soon as they made their way to the hotel room,
they quickly undressed and had passionate sex.
After another round, they showered and dressed;
He wore a suit — and she wore a short black dress
with black heels that complimented her legs.
They took the elevator down to the restaurant
to have dinner, and also to refresh themselves.
After desert, they made their way to the bar for drinks;
him, a vodka on the rocks — and her, a dirty martini,
garnished with two extra olives she requested
in a beautiful cocktail glass that was pink.
In a dark setting, she kissed him and whispered
that she wanted him inside her again.
On the elevator on the way up, she got on her knees and tasted him;
back in their lavish suite, they fucked, again and again.
It was a three day tryst to quench the fire of their lust and longing within.
On her flight back home, she thought of the way he made her moan.
Her nipples became erect — and in her seat, she was soaking wet.