Hours after, the pleasure still lingers — she can still feel him inside her, the perfect size of him, the continuous throbbing. Again, she wants to fuck him, so she’ll think about the way he sucked and teased her erect sensitive nipples as she rode him; then close her eyes, open her legs wide, and slowly start rubbing until there is a wet explosion, screaming, heavy breathing, and irrepressible shuddering after she whispers his name again and again.

Erotic Reminisce

She remembers everything; the deep sucking, the hair pulling, the flood that came after a thorough licking — a hard and relentless fucking, how she rode him on a wooden chair and wildly kissed him; how wet she becomes every time they begin, how he moaned when she told him that she loved him, how she positioned herself with her face in the pillows so he could deeply enter in and how loud she gets when she rubs her clit and so badly misses him.

Ten Second Countdown

In the last moments, the release is so fucking intense. From ten, there is a countdown to climax — the thrusts, deep, hard, and fast. By seven, the erotic whispers resume to make the pleasure last. By five, a pause ensues and the whispers cease. On three, there is an explosion of ardent release. After, the evidence of euphoria is soaked into satin sheets. In another hour, there will more passionate fucking, and near the end, the concupiscent countdown from ten will begin again.


Erotic euphoria allows no room for deep contemplation as the body submits fully to passionate rhythms of unwavering stimulation — erect nipples and flowing wetness signify the depth of anticipation, because it has been done so many times before in the comfort of privacy, allowing for sensual expression that is expressed sometimes quietly but most often loudly. Remembering her last intense fucking, she utters, Fuck my pussy, with a large object inside her and her twitching clitoris being massaged expertly by experienced fingers; her left hand slowly moves up to rub and lightly pinch nipples that well know the feeling of the tip of an eager tongue. Imagining him there, she whispers, Please make me cum, not stopping her erotic rhythm for anything or for anyone. What would her high society friends and acquaintances think if they knew that she tasted herself eagerly, licking the wet passion slowly with the tip of her tongue? The beauty of her expression is that she doesn’t give a fuck. She loves telling her lover that she wants to be fucked upon seeing the girth of his cock that she so likes to get on her knees and suck. The lingering taste of him intensifies her want. She opens her legs a little wider to deepen what is vibrating inside her, intently moving her fingers over what is most receptive to pleasure. Her subtle beauty is her femininity and the womanhood of her. To true pleasure, she is no stranger. She is accustomed to marathon fucking and well hung men with stamina. She lies in her bed; her leg hanging off the edge. Her hair flowing into soft pillows, like a vast ocean at the mouth of many rivers. When the height of pleasure finally finds her, there are no words that she can utter. Her pupils dilate. Her body shudders.

Secret Desires

Muscle memory causes anticipation to shudder the body. The tingling of excitement invades the erogenous zones used to the pleasure of a skilled tongue. Her toes will be teased and the soles of her feet, before pleasure travels lower to the flood of a wet discovery. Every erogenous part of her body will be serviced thoroughly. Her experience will not be mediocre; she will be taken care of perfectly in beautiful ecstasy. The butt plug that is already inside her will be pulled out slowly and then reinserted again and again, constantly. The softness and warmth of passionate lips and eager tongue will intensely stimulate her pussy. Her legs will be spread widely, and she will be fucked deeply. Her ass will be explored. She will be spanked hard periodically. Her hair will be pulled firmly. In doggy, she will be fucked roughly. She will say through heavy breaths, Cum inside me, but her wait for his release will be lengthy. She will experience many memorable moments of transcendent ecstasy, then he will finally release, but she will release again. She will lie in bed for several minutes after, in erotic contemplation — after a hot shower she will be disrobed and taken in her favorite position. She will ride him unmercifully, not breaking her rhythm for anything, until she screams and digs her nails deeply into him. He will kiss her passionately again and whisper, You are my woman.

Erotic Engagements

Sensuous flesh relieves its craving, announcing gratification with moaning, unintelligible whispers, shuddering and heavy breathing. Every position is recorded. Every intense release is documented. Every deep thrust and every ardent expression of lust will be replayed with legs open as vibrating sensations cause climax to come within a matter of minutes. Navy blue silk will partially conceal the vastness of squirting wetness. Nipples will be lightly brushed and a phone call will be made to set up another date and time to fuck. Screams are loud, but walls cannot talk. In a five star hotel, the next day, a beautiful woman in dark shades, black Louboutin’s, and concealed black lace lingerie walks.

Dreams of Ecstasy

Insatiable craving gradually heightens until there is gorgeous release from just kissing and the brush of fingers against the skin. Vibrations of the rhythm of the tongue stimulates the sensitive ridge that is the outer source of her pleasure — skillful fingers massage the inner, until there are waves of undeniable euphoria. Legs are opened wider so that the tongue can be felt in the place of her most secret desire that was discovered, giving way to heavy breathing, writhing, squirting and then screaming. Unending craving always leads to marathon fucking and the potency of ecstasy that is replayed upon the sun’s rising and in their sleeping when erotic dreams visit them and they fuck again and again releasing intensely like a glorious waterfall with no end surrounded by white and burgundy roses in a secret garden.

Verses of Ecstasy

The full weight of wet passion falls and rises continuously in beautiful rhythm on a large circumference of hardness, her breasts heaving against his chest with every deep breath as she releases again and again until there is nothing left but the echoes of euphoric screams and the erotic core of her essence. It was the skillful use of his tongue between her legs that first caused her to break the stagnant silence, looking at her lover intently as she continuously brushed her fingers against the sensitive nipples of her breasts. She reaches ecstasy easily because of the receptiveness of her flesh. All day she had been wet, waiting to aggressively mount what she had already experienced, because she knows the feeling of his depth; oh, how she loves his depth. When they fuck they always work up a good sweat from the heat of shared passion that defines the most intimate parts of them. She likes many positions, but when she is ready for an intense transcendency she rides him aggressively, assertively taking what belongs to her in exceptional ecstasy that she has to have continuously and thoroughly.

To Live Uninhibited

Satin caresses what craves to be sensually touched and what is extremely stimulated with just a light brush. After euphoric screams there is a wondrous hush; such a wondrous hush. Her hair is tangled, and she appears disheveled, but pleasure never looked so beautiful; I swear it never looked so beautiful. They call her whore, because of the expressiveness of her eroticism, but they could never reach the depths of a woman; emotionless men could never touch the soul of a woman. They are frail and are shaken when beautiful eyes gaze upon them. The secrecy of her intimacy is a lovely mystery interwoven with erotic potency that brings her and her lovers to ecstasy perfectly and easily creating a transcendent intimacy that is indescribably intense and otherworldly. She wants to be touched — sometimes delicately; sometimes roughly. The essence of her is contradictory to monotony and she remains immersed in the eroticism that she embodies.