Amorous Rendezvous

In intense release, sensual sounds move through walls,
and the body is taken over by pleasure, in waves of euphoric shudders.
In those enraptured moments, nothing else matters;
Intimate words are uttered in whispers, and eager lips find each other.
Dedicated tongues induce uncontrollable screams;
The control of steady rhythms flow like violet rivers,
Under a bright crystal sun in lucid dreams.
It is more than just a frenzied session;
It is the building of refined ecstasy in slow progression.
After several positions, there are four words whispered before explosion.
Silence falls — and the mind records from the tryst what it wants;
In the immediate after, the sensual rapture is vividly recalled.

The After

It’s never over, even after the last passionate breaths are breathed,
Even after the last words in ecstasy are uninhibitedly screamed;
You linger on me; the taste of you, a constant reminder of intense intimacy.
I inhale you deeply, waiting to exhale, right up until I burst at the seams,
And then again, and again, and again, and again.
I remember the most sensual moments, and then I store them away for later replay;
The canvas of my mind a willing recipient of the beautiful pictures that you paint.
Take me in your rapture and hold me there for an eternity,
Let me dwell in unfettered sensuality and contemplate your mystery.
The scent of your perfume heightens my senses when you kiss me,
And euphoria takes over in primal carnality.
Blue silk falls away from your shimmering body so easily;
Your long curls, become waterfalls over erotic contours.
I must please you. Every inch of your body must be accounted for.

Ecstasy of Your Essence

The breath of your whispers are a taste of the essence of your being;
I deeply inhale you, and I am addicted.
My will is to thoroughly please you …
In my sensual approach I am uninhibited.
Your moans of pleasure are an erotic measure,
Telling me subtly the carnal necessities of your body;
I am an eager vessel of your delight,
Use me until my cup is poured out and completely empty.
The silent reflections after, are the moments we most remember —
Your head resting against my shoulder with your hair taken down
In wondrous beauty, like a waterfall long held back and finally released
In mid spring, under the warm rays of sunshine magnificently glistening.
Your soft kisses reinvigorate me and again stimulate my will;
I’m enthralled, and willingly with much vigor, I give my all.
The sweetness of your lips is heavenly bliss;
Let me now say, I love you, lest I am remiss.
The very nature of your aura is what I savor;
Endless days and nights I taste of your flavor,
And I am overcome with passion.
Let us lie together and immerse ourselves in love everlasting.
The femininity of the arches of your feet 
Are aesthetically pleasing to the concupiscent eyes that stare;
The lust that overflows within me is palpable every time you’re near.
I reach for you, pulling back soft silk, beautified in ultramarine blue.
The warmth of my hands driving your desire,
And your Sagittarius heart submitting to anticipated pleasure.
Waves of ecstasy ensue.

Intimate Passion

As passion surfaces, intimacy is taken to another level. The insatiable heat of desire burns like a wild fire, and an unquenchable thirst gives rise to endless longing; the subtleties of her essence enthralling my inclination to the point of utter insanity, as I wildly express my love to her with primal instincts totally overtaking my body, pushing me to please her to levels of sensuality and ecstasy never before found. Her softness and femininity are savored as the moments are slowed down, and time is counted not in movements of the clock’s hand, but in movements of the waves of her pleasure. Her light brown eyes drive my desire. Kisses are given intensely and endlessly. The moans of her ecstasy and the movements of my sensuality are in beautiful synchrony.  I want her more and more. The length and texture of her hair alone, moves my soul and increases my passion. The scent of her passion and of her perfume causes me to tell her secret feelings of love inside me never expressed. Strong feelings of emotion flood my soul, and sexual intensity permeates my mind and body. With every passionate word, and with every erotic movement, we rekindle our love over and over. Our sounds of pleasure is the melody of intense love and the fire that burns within us. I am deeply immersed in her essence. Her love to me is a wondrous dream wrapped within a dream. I am captivated by passion; I am a slave to her love.