Cold Protrusion

Melting ice is moved circularly and slowly over erect nipples, causing a sensual stiffness that makes the protrusions more prominent. A warm mouth sucks them between the cold circular sessions, providing an erotic contrast that causes a clitoris to pulsate and heavy breathing to ensue. Ice is intentionally sucked forcefully so the tip of the tongue can become cold enough to be numb, making it the perfect pleasure tool to lick awaiting pleasure receptive nipples; the light wet brushing, making the recipient moan from the semi rough texture of the eager tongue combined with cold pleasure. The contrasting warmth and cold is joined together with a powerful vibrator to bring a distinct erogenous euphoria. Ice melts and turns into cold water that drips from near numb fingers. Cold kisses are given on the lips and neck, then back again to anticipatory nipples that wonderfully protrude, beautifully and erect. The chain reaction of sensation makes her pussy wet. Her throbbing clit, almost demanding that it be sucked and licked with the same passion, accompanied by melting ice that numbs the tip of the cold tongue, that will lick and lightly brush against warm pleasure receptive flesh, causing an otherworldly orgasm.

I give all of myself, without regret and without fear that when I awake you may not be here. If I should lose you, let the pain in my heart be expelled through sleepless days and nights of heavy ceaseless tears — and in my mourning, let me hold you tightly once again, gently placing within the safety and secrecy of my sincere heart, the last remembered image of your beautiful face and the precious memories that we shared.

Black silk drapes atop radiant skin,
flowing over beautiful slopes and sensual mountains;
Amazingly, she poses perfectly with
an otherworldly aura of beauty; her hair pinned.
Loose strands rest against her face as if
holding the rays of the sun in a loving embrace.
Her lips are honey; her eyes, an ethereal gaze.

Alessia’s Hunger

Alessia left her last lover because he no longer moved her nor did he ever truly satisfy her. They had been together for seven months, and still he was sheepish about going down on her. She enjoyed his cock , but after every session, she would find herself supplementing her sexual longing with the use of a vibrator. She had been used to clitoral orgasms from men’s skillful tongues, but her ex-lover Christopher only wanted to penetrate her. Alessia loved giving head, and she could suck Christopher’s cock for hours, but he never returned the favor. At first, she didn’t mind, but after a while, it started to bother her. His cock was long and thick, but he never knew how to use it to satisfy a woman. Over and over again, Alessia tried to teach him and expose him to new and exciting positions, but her passion was an exercise in futility. One summer evening, she was extremely horny and asked Christopher whisperingly to finger her and taste her pussy — but he just sat and looked at her listlessly. It was the last straw. She sincerely tried, but she told herself that she deserved more. She could no longer be with him, so she told him her honest opinion and stopped answering his calls. After six weeks of no sex, Alessia was cocked starved; she still needed a man’s touch and warmth, though daily, she pleased herself with anal beads, a double ended dildo, and a magic wand. She wasn’t actively searching for a man but noted to herself that she should be more stringent in her choosing. She wanted an experienced lover who could thoroughly navigate her body — she craved a rugged man with a rough edge, a substantial cock, passionate heart, and skilled mouth. Bringing herself to orgasm while watching romantic female friendly porn was pleasurable but it wasn’t enough. She wanted her clit to be sucked; she wanted to be passionately fucked.

Weeks later, it just so happened that a new man moved into her condominium. He was tall, built, and handsome with a nice smile, and he also dressed well. Every time they conversed, he was exceptionally personable, engaging, and respectful. Alessia could sense that her new neighbor was attracted to her, but she seldom if ever made the first move. She tried to subtly inquire about his love life, but she only knew that he moved to the area to be close to his widowed and elderly mother. She found herself thinking about him when she sensually touched her vagina. His name was Jonathan, and he had only been there for a week since he moved in, but through his aura, Alessia felt that she already knew him. Daily, her craving for him grew stronger, until she could take it no longer. One day, she asked Jonathan if he was single or spoken for; he told her, that he was single and asked her if she wanted to go out on the town and do dinner. She happily said, Yes, and the next evening they went out together. The food at the restaurant was excellent, and after entrees, they shared desert while talking and staring at each other. He moved his chair closer to her and placed his arm around her as if they were already lovers. They then left and ventured to an afterhours café with an intimate setting — they both enjoyed Irish Coffees and in the middle of their conversation, she leaned over and kissed him. His eyes told her everything that she needed to know. It is then that she whispered in his ear, Let’s go.

She could see that he was fully erect as they drove back to their condo; her pussy was so wet for him, but they didn’t touch each other until they got home. Upon arriving at his place, they kissed passionately, even before he opened the door. Once inside, he lifted her up and took her to his bedroom. With the movements of an experienced lover, he sensually kissed her, slowly moving from her lips, to her neck, to her breasts — he sucked and licked her pleasure receptive nipples that were excitingly erect; at the same time, rubbing her pussy that was extremely wet. She enticed his passion with heavy breaths as he went lower, kissing between her thighs while longingly looking up at her. Alessia was so excited that she knew she would cum just from a light brush of his tongue on her clit, and it happened just as she thought it. Jonathan sucked and licked her pleasure sensitive clit, taking his time to erotically navigate her body. She released within minutes of his oral giving, heavily moaning. She saw that he had a large cock and eagerly wanted to get on her knees for him. Passionately, she sucked him, taking him into her mouth as far as she could, again and again. His moans drove her passion; she would have kept going until orgasm if Jonathan didn’t stop her and put her in doggy position. From behind, the head his cock opened her vagina; slowly he entered until she took all of him — she closed her eyes and let out sensual sounds as he slid his big cock all the way in. She whispered to him through heavy breathing, Fuck me, and he did, powerfully and vigorously until she screamed his name in ecstasy. Without him asking, she said to him, This is your pussy as he kept fucking her deeply. She wanted to taste him again, and looking back at him she said, Let me get on my knees. He obliged her, and she sucked his cock with a possessed erotic fervor. After, she rode him with her hands pressed into his muscular chest, feeling the pleasure of the girth of his huge member and its fullness. After two intense orgasms, she wanted her third release to be at the same time with him; Cum inside me, she kept whispering as she counted down from ten; but at seven, he released, and she passionately released with him. Sexual sounds reverberated in the room they were in, and with sincere feelings in her eyes, she leaned in to kiss him. After they showered together, they made love again until the light of the morning.

Intimate Whispers

Tonight, he takes care of her with more than just carnal pleasure; but with sincere loving whispers that move her, gentle kisses, and intimate secrets that he’s never told anyone, that he thought he would hold within his heart forever. He truly loves her, and it shows in the way he gives all of himself to her. There is an otherworldly beauty in the way they share joyous tears together. To give her the world, he would do anything within his power. She is a delicate flower, and daily he showers her petals with refreshing loving water. To taste of a woman’s essence, is to experience the gorgeous fulness of intimate transcendence. There is nothin more beautiful in this world or any to come than a woman. The warmth of her body alone moves him to emotion. To listen to the beats of her heart, is to be close to her in an intimate way that even the archangels would tearfully gaze upon. Every moment of immersion in her love is a deep breath. Every second she is held by him is akin to a desolate person finding love’s new beginning. Truthfully, he would die for her, willingly. She is his breath and the steps that reach his utter depths. Oh, what beauty it is to see a woman truly loved with her eyes closed in the throes of ecstasy! He kisses her passionately with the undertones of an affectionate intensity. What they possess is not just mere sexual compatibility, but a true and wonderful intimacy. These are the words that he whispered to her in tearful sincerity: I love you. With everything within me, truly, I love you baby. There is no other that captures me. In the rapture of our love, I find peace. In the wreckage of my life on unforgiving seas, you are the angel that cared for me and lovingly reached. You are the life within me; without you, I can’t breathe. You are the lone pink rose that grew beautifully in a desolate forest among many towering trees.

“Fuck Me Now”

A man stares at his wet lover’s body euphorically shudder. Looking back at his cock, she wants him inside her. She had just brought herself to orgasm, but she was only supposed to be teasing him; instead he told her to keep going. For fifteen minutes, he stood with an erect cock, whispering lascivious words to his lover that would make it hard for her to stop. After five minutes, she started to beg for his cock, when he started stroking his thickness in her full view to make her pussy spasm with ecstasy. Fuck me now, she said to him, but he wouldn’t allow her to have him until after she reached self orgasm. The way she looked at him and begged for his pleasure heightened his passion, but he held back, only stoking his cock after several ticks of the clock. She knows the full pleasure of what he brings, and it plays on her desperate wanting of him. He thinks about giving her the experience of his mouth and tongue again in the sixty nine position so she too can taste him as they bring each other to orgasm. He knows that it’s his cock she wants, but he wants to see her burn in her lustful wanting, before giving in to giving her a sensual fucking.

The Instructor

Slowly, take off your panties, get on your knees, and crawl to me, her instructor tells her, whisperingly. Her wetness became present at the the first word of his utterance. When she pleases him with her mouth, she also pleases herself, but she is not allowed to have an orgasm without his permission. Her instructor, tells her to bend over for a spanking, and she is willing — her pulsating longing for his hard measure’s penetration leaves her dripping. Many times, she has been with him, and every time, she has indescribably wonderful orgasms in her submission. She loves when she is handcuffed, blindfolded, and roughly fucked. Her clit throbs and her vaginal walls quiver upon the entrance of the huge head of his rock hard cock. In euphoric tones, she often says to him, Don’t stop — and she loves to cum all over him with her hands tied behind her, especially, when she is on top. Blindfolded, she is instructed to suck his fingers before she is put in the prone position for an anal fucking, but before her ass is thoroughly explored, she is lead to her knees to suck his cock again. His hard fucking of her ass and her clit’s throbbing euphoric sensitivity leads her to the verge of an orgasm, but before she can cum, she must first ask. He says, No; but instead, her makes her beg to release on white sheets that will be soon soaked into the bed. Still, he fucks her roughly with his large hand on her head, pressing her face into the pillows that muffle her screams, and she asks again, Can I cum? Yes, he answers, knowing with or without an approving answer she wouldn’t have lasted five seconds longer. She releases, deeply and thoroughly, shuddering wildly as if her body was charged with overpowering volts of electricity. She shakes uncontrollably with her hand that was always underneath her, erotically massaging her pussy. She looks at her instructor with eyes that convey the love of the way he fucked and commanded her. Put your panties back on, he tells her.

Reverse Cowgirl Pt. 2

Erect hardness, swells inside of her, getting bigger and bigger; the thickness of it, rubbing against her pleasure receptive internal clit in the erotic position she sits. She’s never squirted before, but there’s a first time for everything. Fucking him, she remembers the site of his cock that left her mouth watering — her pussy became wet and her nipples erect, from just the anticipated taste of him. Before she purchased an anal plug, in her willing ass, two fingers, he would slide in as she roughly rode him — causing even more moaning, and making her sweet release, a screaming, shuddering, intense transcendent orgasm.