What Follows

Slowly, wetness permeates satin panties. A woman awaits a spanking and a fucking that will be following. She will make the satisfaction of her pleasure known through intense orgasms and screaming. She is finally doing what she has been dreaming. Doggy, is the position in which she will be deepthroating. She bends over on the seat of a chair, silently waiting; her eyes closed — her nipples needing to be lightly brushed and sucked; her pussy throbbing. 

Beautifully Feminine

I adore your femininity. Allow me to wash you hair gently, kissing you intermittently and applying your favorite brand of conditioner. I know it’s something simple, but you look beautiful with your hair wrapped in a towel after a long hot shower. When you curl your hair it reminds me of my grandmother, using her hair pins and rollers. The fresh scent of conditioner and shampoo on you flame desires within me. If you’re too busy to get your feet professionally done, you do your own pedicures with exquisite perfection. Sometimes, you even allow the colors of your manicures and pedicures to be my decision. You know that my favorite colors on you are dark purple, flamingo hot pink, beige cream and plum. Gloss polish is brushed on sanded and filed toes with precision. Curled hair that falls past your shoulders is beautiful and feminine; you look absolutely stunning when you put in your diamond earrings. Smooth moisturized legs without stockings, look so sexy in heels, size seven. If I may say again, it is so subtly beautiful and feminine — like lipstick from a lip imprint on a white napkin. At the end of the day, I massage your feet draped with gold anklets; your perfume still floral and heavenly, erotically intoxicates me. I sit and watch as you slowly take off your makeup in your vanity as you speak to me lovingly. 

The Inquiry

I inquired of an angel all things celestial and ethereal. I asked her the secrets of her existence that make her immortal. I asked her to take me with her on her ascension to heaven so I could leave the pain behind. She said these words lovingly, looking into my eyes — My beloved, your ascension will come with time; I know there has been deep pain and tears for many years, but look at the scenes of your life, you have conquered your fears. The things that cause you sorrow have been already removed from your life. You are stronger than you realize. It was then that she touched my crying eyes, kissed me, and said, Sleep now, and there will be a new beginning in you when you arise.

Heaven’s Daughter

Under heaven’s glory, a diamond shines brightly; she is earth’s light beam, connecting to the celestial unseen. The wings of her spirit easily lift her above the clouds where she glides effortlessly, looking down on the vastness of land, wondrous bodies of water, picturesque vineyards, and beautiful fields of delicate flowers that define her. Hear the conveyance of her soul through loving and reassuring whispers. A brown eyed angel she is, heaven’s daughter.

It’s Over

When resentment seeps in and uncaring whisperings, is when the blooming of love has come to its final ending. It is like a beautiful painting eternally unfinished, but it is so good in the beginning; the intimacy, communication, affection and fucking are always so good in the beginning. Then come expensive lawyers, divorce proceedings, and scheduled visitations.