Fuck Fantasy

Licking, sucking, thrusting, intense releasing, the fulfillment of yearning, sheet grasping, deep breathing, nipple teasing, tongue writhing with fluid streaming, reverse cowgirl with intensity increasing, lustful dreaming, sensuous screaming, deep fucking, anal fingering, many different positions, pelvic contractions, sensual whispers, vibrating butt-plug, sliding fingers penetrate wetness, engorged clitoris, length with significant circumference, thickness stretches, orgasms breathless, deep untamed kisses, breast squeezes, multiple impassioned releases, beautiful rhythm, breathtaking penetration, lustful temptation, hair pulling, ass spanking, lingerie ripping, primal awakening, an absolutely fucking unadulterated fuck session, a threesome; one riding, one rubbing herself with legs wide open moaning and watching, no stopping until complete drenching, perfect orgasms, long lasting, together showering, sexual thoughts for days lingering, then more fingering, magic wand vibrating, anal beads penetrating, immeasurable yearning, I need to be fucked so badly, uttering, dildo sucking, self-nipple licking, uncontrollable squirting, calling with heavy breathing asking him to come over again for another lengthy euphorically wondrous fuck session

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