A hummingbird kisses a blue orchid. Rose petals dry the tears of the heartbroken. The scent of rain is a beautiful prelude to love-making. A once wounded bird flies again, spreading healed wings that were broken. A goddess rises from her slumber immersed in immaculate beauty. The gods whisper among themselves with tones of feral envy. A gorgeous grey haired woman dances under the soft glow of twilight slowly. In a French bed with embroidered canopy, lovers make moans of unlimited ecstasy. The once desolate find love and tightly hold on to it. There is a wondrous peace in the place that an Angel once slept. A field of flowers grow in the place that my mother once wept. The perfumed scent of white gardenias is the sweetness of an Angel’s breath. From her hair, a woman removes several pins and a glorious waterfall flows again. On an antique square white tufted ottoman, with crossed legs, she moisturizes her skin, and it is incredibly feminine. She thinks about finding love again, and her heart is comforted. A pregnant moon gives the ocean the fullness of her illumination — the dark waters accept her light and rise to meet her for the occasion. 

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