Longing Soul

Oh, beautiful Angel, see the state of my longing soul and the immensity of my sorrow — release me from the desolation of today and the despair of tomorrow. Descend upon me lovingly so the shelter and comfort of your wings I can borrow. Let me abide with you and sleep peacefully as you watch over me. Sing to me sweet songs that only the heavens know. Whisper words that are beautiful and celestial. Extract the many teardrops of my pain and turn them into calming midnight rain. Embrace me as a mother with a newborn child bonding lovingly after the pain. Let me be reborn in your light at night, and in the morning, kiss me in my slumber before you take flight. Touch my eyes, and illuminate my sight. Allow my head to rest in the valley of your breasts; the magnificence of your immortal heartbeat being the source of my warmth and my rest. Leave with me many strands of your hair so with a piece of heaven, I can dry my often falling tears when I am in distress; I will reach for you, Angel, and the healing balm of your caress. 

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