Let the falling tears of my sorrow permeate fertile soil where into roses they will one day grow. Let the song of my heart be the whispers of ascending angels. Let the stills of my life’s movie be framed and hung in heaven’s halls so that my mother can see me again. May my detractors tremble in their dreams when they see me in glory bearing sword and shield wielding prodigious power in the center of a fiery wheel. May the archangels lift me up when hell’s torment seeks to destroy me unmercifully and utterly. In my slumber let love be my constant whisper. May the nurturing nature and beautiful essence of women be honored. May light rain wash away the tears of my pain. May any obstacles be decimated on the path of vanquishment and radiance that I have claimed. When I am reborn, let them know me by another name. May I conquer forever, and may nothing again be the same.

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