Central Park Nights

New York City lights illuminate the vastness of lush greenery adjacent to towering buildings on New York City nights. Flowers appear to dance in summer breezes on beautiful Manhattan evenings. It does not take a lot of money for one to express themselves lovingly with Moscato, wine flutes, sandwiches and fresh fruit under a sprawling Central Park tree. A late afternoon picnic that ends with a passionate kiss is always sweet bliss. The beauty of nature is taken in, but one could also marvel at the architecture of 5th avenue buildings. There is an air of mystery as to who in that very moment could be viewing the park from exquisite penthouses in the distance. You could explore the park for hours and still not witness the fullness of its true beauty. It is the jewel of the city, where in the winter, snow almost seems magical when it falls on the Great Lawn softly. If only for a a few seconds, close your eyes and breathe deeply ā€” feel the expanse of nature as far as the eyes can see. The harmony of Central Park’s wondrous botany that brings serenity and the concrete, steel, glass and grind of the city that envelopes it sometimes makes it seem otherworldly. The eco system of the whole thing is like new offspring resting in the safety of a mother’s bosom ā€” with every breath, her chest is felt falling and rising. From afar, look over beautiful trees to see the city’s horizon.

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