Sex in Paris

Delicacy of French cuisine is savored while eyes marvel at the beauty of intricate architecture. In a hotel suite, silk sheets flow over sensual curvature. Paris lights illuminate the erotic night. A tall blonde statuesque woman is pleased by the lover who passionately tastes her; the tingling tongue bringing her closer to orgasm as it explores the wetness of her flavor. Outside two large windows, a large structure towers over the city of love and its lovers. The heavy moaning of pleasure is so beautiful to listen to. Well hung erectness find the right depths that cause even more moans, eyes to close, and reticence to be let go. Perhaps after a long night of intimacy and fucking, the lovers will revel in the delicacy of un petit café and St. Honoré cake with chocolate in the morning. For lovers, the twilight of Paris nights are something sensually inspiring. Soft lips come together for a French kiss under a full moon in Paris. 

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