Mask Role Play

Feline fantasies are the excitement of her psyche that for so long have been played out in secrecy because of what lovers and others may think of her kink. She’s ready. She’s fucking ready. She says, fuck them, subtly, with the display of her latex cat hood prominently; when she’s being pleased thoroughly, she screams, fuck my pussy. Leather and latex against her skin and mask wearing, she finds particularly exciting. Role play, brings a distinct intensity to the passion of her orgasms. She likes her ass to be spanked hard with her hands tied behind her back during sex when she’s wearing full body latex. An explanation of the passion of the kink that causes wetness between her thighs and the excitement in her eyes, is nobody’s fucking business. Her arms and legs will be spread as she’s tied to the four posts of a bed, where she’ll give eye watering head and have her pussy rubbed and teased until she begs.

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