What a Ride

Slowly, hardened thickness is introduced to her wetness as she sits on it. She whispers lasciviously to her lover, It’s so big. The taste of him lingers in her mouth; eagerly she fell to her knees to please him. The symphony of his moaning always causes her to become wetter. As she sucked him, he instructed her, saying, Slower and deeper. He could have enjoyed her tongue for much longer, but he wanted to taste her. He knows that riding his stiffened tongue that perfectly brushes against her clit is her euphoria. Riding his face, periodically, she looked back to glare at the size and erectness of his member. Though she thoroughly enjoyed his oral pleasure, she wanted his cock inside of her. Fucking is always more intense and memorable when lovers, for a long time, haven’t seen each other. When she dresses in tight jeans and clear cork wedge heels, it makes his mouth water. From the huge bulge in his denim when he initially entered, she knew that he really wanted her. Now, she looks into his eyes, riding him hard without breaking stride. The girth of him and the length of him bringing her quickly to transcendent ecstasy. The low–tone buzzing he hears is her butt-plug vibrating, stimulating her anally. With her arms around his neck, she rides him with non-stop sensual rhythm and deep breaths. Ride me baby; it’s yours, he whispers. Within a few seconds of the words he utters, are screams and uncontrollable shudders. 

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