Please do not attempt to mind-fuck me again. It may have worked for you in the past, but I am starkly different from those other men. I approach life with a level of discipline. I appreciate beauty differently. I value a woman’s femininity with profound sincerity. I can gaze upon a naked woman and contemplate who she is internally without the need or desire to approach her womanhood sexually. Physical intimacy does not consume me. I am not juvenile in my thinking; I have greatly excelled in my maturity. What truly draws me to a woman is her mystery. Sexuality does not always have to be displayed overtly. I am comfortable in any degree of company — whether formal or informal, I always dress appropriately. I do not need to be the center of attention or speak loudly. Powerful oratory draws a crowd naturally. A crass woman without class is a turnoff, honestly; even if she is considered by many to be a woman of extreme beauty. Living a life of constant deception is unhealthy. You cannot emotionally manipulate me because you fuck me. I taught you pleasures unknown; I explored your body thoroughly. Upon knowing you initially, you didn’t even know how to self-pleasure effectively. In you, I unlocked a new level of intimacy. Ironically, now, you boast of your sexual prowess from mastery you learned from me. Let me give you a reminder of the wonderful levels of intimacy and sensuality: first, there must be a deep emotional connection; I’ll let you guess what’s second. You are beautiful undeniably, but sweetheart you will never possess the astuteness to be able to drain me monetarily.

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