Woman (pt. 2)

The sensitivity of a woman is not an imperfection but a blessing, for there is nothing more beautiful than the expression of her emotions. The depth of her soul is the vastness of oceans. Her mystery is only revealed through unadulterated intimacy. She is a flower; hold her delicately. To make her happy, shower her with affection and kisses unexpectedly. In the early hours of the morning, when she is sleeping, kiss her with loving sincerity and stroke her hair gently. To draw water from the well of her soul, you must engage with her intellectually and express your true feelings to her passionately.

To have her heart, she must know that you love her deeply and unconditionally with certainty. When you shed tears together and encourage each other, it becomes a transcendent intimacy. To desire a woman for only carnal pleasure is a tragedy that foolishly disregards her inner beauty and feminine secrecy. There should never be any selfishness in pleasing her sexually; a man that truly loves a woman will know the navigation of her body thoroughly. In all aspects, the most important quality is loyalty, for loyalty is the eternal reflection of love, and without love, there is nothing.

A loving and loyal woman is irreplaceable, precious, inestimable, wonderful, sensual, beautiful, intellectual, amazingly celestial, and living on a god-like level. Her delicateness is breathtaking. Her aura is ethereal. Pleasing her is so pleasurable. The emotions of her love, indescribable.

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