The tongue is the paintbrush that creates extraordinarily masterful pieces on wet throbbing canvases. Every brushstroke is in the discretion of the experienced artist. There can be no rush in perfection; the artist must be intensely focused until the climax of completion. When the artwork is displayed, there are deep kisses and whispers of admiration. The artist’ palette is filled with colors, beautiful and vibrant. The setting is always relaxing with Riesling, satin, and soft light on roses. Impassioned music makes it even more intimate. The canvas itself will always let the artist know the strokes that it wants by its response. Before the brushstrokes begin, the canvas should be rubbed and kissed as if it was once constantly thought about and desperately missed. Every great artist possesses a unique technique that formulates a work of infinite beauty. The final product is extraordinary, but secretly, the process is pure ecstasy.

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