The Third Release

Lend me your heart so I can feel what you feel, and kiss me deeply so I can inhale the air you breathe; tell me without fear your deepest desires and the ways you want to be pleased. Infuse my mouth with the essence of your wetness so that I can enjoy the delightful taste of you after you leave. When you pleasure yourself in private ecstasy, think about me, and touch yourself slowly; start by rubbing your nipples then pinching them lightly — after a few minutes, pinch them firmly to increase the sensitivity. If you want me to listen to your euphoric moans, call me in the throes of your ecstasy. Put on your satin blindfold and the black stilettos that you know excite me; just before your third release, whisper, fuck me, then say my name loudly. If you want to extend the pleasure, position yourself in doggy, then spank your ass as if you were being fucked roughly. To again release intensely, skillfully place your left hand against your headboard, and with the other, allow your vibrator to please your clit perfectly.

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