What a Ride

Slowly, hardened thickness is introduced to her wetness as she sits on it. She whispers lasciviously to her lover, It’s so big. The taste of him lingers in her mouth; eagerly she fell to her knees to please him. The symphony of his moaning always causes her to become wetter. As she sucked him, he instructed her, saying, Slower and deeper. He could have enjoyed her tongue for much longer, but he wanted to taste her. He knows that riding his stiffened tongue that perfectly brushes against her clit is her euphoria. Riding his face, periodically, she looked back to glare at the size and erectness of his member. Though she thoroughly enjoyed his oral pleasure, she wanted his cock inside of her. Fucking is always more intense and memorable when lovers, for a long time, haven’t seen each other. When she dresses in tight jeans and clear cork wedge heels, it makes his mouth water. From the huge bulge in his denim when he initially entered, she knew that he really wanted her. Now, she looks into his eyes, riding him hard without breaking stride. The girth of him and the length of him bringing her quickly to transcendent ecstasy. The low–tone buzzing he hears is her butt-plug vibrating, stimulating her anally. With her arms around his neck, she rides him with non-stop sensual rhythm and deep breaths. Ride me baby; it’s yours, he whispers. Within a few seconds of the words he utters, are screams and uncontrollable shudders. 

Things that Vibrate

There is a recollection of how her lover kissed and licked her pussy perfectly—but it is not his tongue or cock that drives her crazy; it is the combination of her erotic memory and the things that vibrate on stimulated flesh internally and externally. Sometimes, she uses one. Sometimes, she uses all three. She releases so intensely when she uses her Hitachi and her vibrating anal plug in perfect harmony. She closes her eyes and rubs vibrating metal against her erect nipples teasingly. Experienced hands bring beautiful climax with tools that are plugged in or that are operated with batteries.  In secrecy, there is the fulfillment of every erotic fantasy. She will release through squirting and screams after a countdown from three.

Love is Not

Love does not repeat words said in confidence to win arguments.

Love is not belligerent and argumentative.

Love is not exploitative.

Love is not constantly taking but refusing to give.

Love is not abusive.

Love is not selfish sexual gratification.

Love is not thoughtless in nature.

Love is not fickle.

Love does not forsake when the storm comes.

Love is not dismissive.

Love is not hurtful.

Love does not depart easily even when there is trouble. 


Please do not attempt to mind-fuck me again. It may have worked for you in the past, but I am starkly different from those other men. I approach life with a level of discipline. I appreciate beauty differently. I value a woman’s femininity with profound sincerity. I can gaze upon a naked woman and contemplate who she is internally without the need or desire to approach her womanhood sexually. Physical intimacy does not consume me. I am not juvenile in my thinking; I have greatly excelled in my maturity. What truly draws me to a woman is her mystery. Sexuality does not always have to be displayed overtly. I am comfortable in any degree of company — whether formal or informal, I always dress appropriately. I do not need to be the center of attention or speak loudly. Powerful oratory draws a crowd naturally. A crass woman without class is a turnoff, honestly; even if she is considered by many to be a woman of extreme beauty. Living a life of constant deception is unhealthy. You cannot emotionally manipulate me because you fuck me. I taught you pleasures unknown; I explored your body thoroughly. Upon knowing you initially, you didn’t even know how to self-pleasure effectively. In you, I unlocked a new level of intimacy. Ironically, now, you boast of your sexual prowess from mastery you learned from me. Let me give you a reminder of the wonderful levels of intimacy and sensuality: first, there must be a deep emotional connection; I’ll let you guess what’s second. You are beautiful undeniably, but sweetheart you will never possess the astuteness to be able to drain me monetarily.