Ecstasy Awaits

It is a thing of contemplation, the beauty of a woman’s psyche, when she awaits in high heels, in high anticipation, silently, knowing that she will please and be pleased thoroughly; knowing that pleasure will start slowly and methodically, then progressively lead to pleas of Please fuck me, after her want is teased unbearably and she can take no more of the throbbing that inundates her pussy or the sensitivity of her nipples that are sucked and pinched intermittently between her hair being pulled and her ass being spanked firmly. She will be a willing whore for him, giving her body to his will completely — black stockings and heels conceal freshly deep purple polished toes that are amazingly pretty. Also concealed, is a glass butt plug in her ass that readies her for the wondrous world of anal ecstasy that hardened girth will explore shortly before she whispers lasciviously, Fucking punish me. Between fucking, she will get on her knees several times to taste herself and to please him orally. It will be a marathon session of pleasure uninhibited; her reddened ass left with hand prints and strands of her hair left in the places that she lost her breath, where her Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium perfume still holds its scent. 

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