Perfume on Satin

There is no greater a pleasure than in pleasing her. She moans beautifully when his tongue flickers with perfect pressure. She loves tasting her own ecstasy from the length of his fingers. Deep breathing always intensifies, when fully erect girth enters and the body starts to shudder. Wonderful chemistry is the poetry of lovers. Classic French perfume on satin is the euphoria that lingers. Elegance exudes with diamond earrings left on a beautiful antique dresser. Her eyes are almond, and her hair, long and dark with a silky texture. Two Sagittarius fires burn bright together. They so badly want each other, that they may fuck again in the shower, not even five minutes after the last dose of euphoria was over. Still, her perfume lingers on black satin covers. Excellently pedicured deep pink colored toes against a black satin backdrop caused her lover’s mouth to water; before he arrived at the place of her wet ecstasy, slowly, he sucked her toes passionately and thoroughly. Her perfume so intensifies the emotions of his ecstasy. With neck kisses, he experiences bliss as he inhales the scent of her deeply — liquid perfume and perfumed body powder is but a small portion of her feminine secrecy. Classic French perfume pervades black satin perfectly. 

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