Intimate Darkness

Let me see you through my hands and not my eyes. Let me feel the beat of your heart and listen intently as if I were blind. Whisper to me sweetly and tell me with passion that you are mine. Allow me to caress your face and make a wondrous find. Lead me to the places that you want me to be — be my loving guide. Let me taste your most secret places; let me feel the pleasurable spasms of gratification on the tip of my tongue. Give my ears the pleasure of heavy breathing and the utterances of erotic whisperings. Ride my erect hardness with beautiful moans in intimate darkness. After, let us switch positions so I can pull your hair with the pleasure of primal vigor. Say to me loudly, Fuck me harder, so your words can further inspire my erotic fire. Suck my fingers — let me feel the softness of your tongue and lips — then guide those fingers to penetrate and rub the source of your drenched wetness. Tell me in lustful tones to rub and tease the sensitivity of your breasts. Turn around in reverse cowgirl; savor the pleasure of my girth and length. Ride me hard until there is nothing left but echoes of loud release, sweat and deep breaths. Let my hands be my eyes. Let my eyes see true beauty and unrestrained ecstasy. when I am inside you, tell me that you love me. Whisper to me the most lascivious wants of your sexual desires in the privacy of dark intimacy.

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