Our Mothers Eyes

It was when we saw our mothers weep that we first knew heartbreak — but who would have known that when we grew older, we would break each others hearts then run to the comfort of our mothers arms; the pain would be no less even if we were directly forewarned. We kissed each other in the winter and held hands in the park when it was warm; we vowed to stay together forever, but forever fell apart. Tears fall on pictures of deceased mothers that can no longer comfort us, but we remember them through our thoughts and through loving words beautifully cursively penned inside of birthday and Christmas cards. We now understand their poignancy. We now fully grasp the extent of their pain through our own agony. We tearfully witnessed our fathers walk out of our lives forever; the sadness in our mothers eyes caused us to hide in dark closets and silently cry. We wept. Yes, because of our mothers hurt, we wept and said silent prayers and kissed our beautiful mothers while they deeply slept.

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