Longing for Love

In midnight dreams I hold on to you tearfully, hoping that once again you will be there for me; oh, love, I long for you with passionate sincerity. Rescue me and take me to a place of safety, for the darkness is cold, brittle and without mercy. It seeks to destroy me and leave me in desolation, forever lonely. I’ve prayed for understanding for so long, but love, only you have truly known me. We have communed together intimately in an indescribably powerful transcendency. Immediately, I was shattered when you departed from me — with tears I have repented for taking you for granted, so please come back to me. I may not have you again, but at least let me see with longing eyes what again it could be; and if I am destined to be forever lonely, I will hold onto the memories of loving whispers, communication, trust, selflessness, beauty, loyalty and divine intimacy.

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