She whispers to him constantly, fuck me, and it increases his throbbing intensity. With every exciting position there is a heightening of the levels of impassioned intimacy. His hardened largeness in her mouth made her so wet; she likes it when he rubs her clit as she sucks his dick in doggy. She has a beautiful pussy, and it makes her lover’s mouth water with the anticipation of orally pleasing her passionately. She is fucked vigorously from behind on the edge of her bed, on a euphoric journey to the climax of her ecstasy. She says, I love you baby; now fuck me like you hate me. He indulges her lubricious request, fucking her with primal want and taking away her breath. Thoroughly satisfied, she moans with closed eyes, feeling the length and girth of what is inside and what she so sincerely wants to ride.

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