Secret Desires

Muscle memory causes anticipation to shudder the body. The tingling of excitement invades the erogenous zones used to the pleasure of a skilled tongue. Her toes will be teased and the soles of her feet, before pleasure travels lower to the flood of a wet discovery. Every erogenous part of her body will be serviced thoroughly. Her experience will not be mediocre; she will be taken care of perfectly in beautiful ecstasy. The butt plug that is already inside her will be pulled out slowly and then reinserted again and again, constantly. The softness and warmth of passionate lips and eager tongue will intensely stimulate her pussy. Her legs will be spread widely, and she will be fucked deeply. Her ass will be explored. She will be spanked hard periodically. Her hair will be pulled firmly. In doggy, she will be fucked roughly. She will say through heavy breaths, Cum inside me, but her wait for his release will be lengthy. She will experience many memorable moments of transcendent ecstasy, then he will finally release, but she will release again. She will lie in bed for several minutes after, in erotic contemplation — after a hot shower she will be disrobed and taken in her favorite position. She will ride him unmercifully, not breaking her rhythm for anything, until she screams and digs her nails deeply into him. He will kiss her passionately again and whisper, You are my woman.

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