Beautiful Verses

Immersion in exultation was never deeper. The taste of rapture was never sweeter. Intimacy was never so ardent. Femininity was never so delicate. Shimmering skin was never so celestial. There is no greater mystery than the depths of a woman’s levels. There are many wondrous creations under heaven’s golden streets but nothing more beautiful. The journey of discovery to find the depths of her is a marvel. To have her love is wonderful. To cry tears of joy with her as her hair caresses falling tears is indescribable. To protect her is an honor. To commit to her is the bonding of two fires that came together and grew stronger. To give her your heart is to completely trust her. To listen to her sincere utterances is the beginning of truly knowing her. To kiss her passionately is the conveyance of deep emotions silently. To keenly listen to the sounds of her ecstasy is to thoroughly know the essence of her mind, soul, and body.

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