Verses of Ecstasy

The full weight of wet passion falls and rises continuously in beautiful rhythm on a large circumference of hardness, her breasts heaving against his chest with every deep breath as she releases again and again until there is nothing left but the echoes of euphoric screams and the erotic core of her essence. It was the skillful use of his tongue between her legs that first caused her to break the stagnant silence, looking at her lover intently as she continuously brushed her fingers against the sensitive nipples of her breasts. She reaches ecstasy easily because of the receptiveness of her flesh. All day she had been wet, waiting to aggressively mount what she had already experienced, because she knows the feeling of his depth; oh, how she loves his depth. When they fuck they always work up a good sweat from the heat of shared passion that defines the most intimate parts of them. She likes many positions, but when she is ready for an intense transcendency she rides him aggressively, assertively taking what belongs to her in exceptional ecstasy that she has to have continuously and thoroughly.

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