Declarations of Love

Today, before witnesses we confess our undying love and make known public our oneness. I am your man, and you are my woman — graceful, beautiful and feminine. Forever, let not our foundation be shaken or the sentiment of our words be mistaken, for with each other we are taken; we are eternally taken. Let your heart be my heart and my heart be your heart so we can eternally be divinely connected and steeped in each other’s feelings. Let it be written by the angels that I love you with a purity and sincerity that cannot be transcended. May the fire of our desire for each other never be quenched, and may we comfort of each other’s souls. In the bitterness of cold darkness you are my shelter of warmth and light. You are the angel in my sight. Kiss me passionately, and let me gaze upon your gorgeous adornment in white. Let us exchange the symbols of our eternal love without vain pretense and the corrosive decadence that brings ruin. Once, we were both unloved, but fate brought us together in the twilight. You are my light; my love, you are indeed my light. Without hesitation or apprehension, I dedicate myself to you for life — my love, you are my life. Still, you are there in my dreams, and you are there with unfurled hair upon my awakening. My tears are the joyfulness of my expression. Sweetheart, you are beautiful beyond measure.

When I first beheld you I wanted to hold you, and I loved you; I swear on the heavens that I loved you. Search my heart diligently, and if I am lying, then forever leave me. But you have already searched my heart, and you have seen the beauty of my sincerity. I am yours, and you are mine completely. Now, let us again kiss passionately in the congregation of our distinguished guests. Embrace me tightly — let me feel the sensuality of your lips and your breasts. May the world witness my love for you and gaze upon the truth of my depths. I give you all of me, holding nothing back, but I am not empty, for it is endless love that fills me. When I was shattered utterly it was only the hope of love that sustained me. My eyes fell upon you, and you saved me; my lady, with loving eyes you saved me. Our intimacy is something otherworldly, unadulterated in wondrous purity. The desire to please you thoroughly wells up within me. You give yourself to me totally, and on this day, I touch you delicately; in my arms, my angel, before witnesses I confess my love for you loudly and with joyful tears, I touch you delicately.

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