To Live Uninhibited

Satin caresses what craves to be sensually touched and what is extremely stimulated with just a light brush. After euphoric screams there is a wondrous hush; such a wondrous hush. Her hair is tangled, and she appears disheveled, but pleasure never looked so beautiful; I swear it never looked so beautiful. They call her whore, because of the expressiveness of her eroticism, but they could never reach the depths of a woman; emotionless men could never touch the soul of a woman. They are frail and are shaken when beautiful eyes gaze upon them. The secrecy of her intimacy is a lovely mystery interwoven with erotic potency that brings her and her lovers to ecstasy perfectly and easily creating a transcendent intimacy that is indescribably intense and otherworldly. She wants to be touched — sometimes delicately; sometimes roughly. The essence of her is contradictory to monotony and she remains immersed in the eroticism that she embodies.

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