You Are (2)

You are a book of blessed verses with joyous tears of angels permeated in all the pages. You are eternal beauty that never ages. You are a beautiful vineyard surrounded by a vast field of roses. You are a diamond — the most beautiful; the rarest. You are the precious memories that wipe away widows tears. You are the depths of a loving heart yet to be discovered. You are the indescribable emotions within a new mother who just delivered. You are a passionate kiss that causes the heart to flutter. You are the essence of the beauty of dusk in the summer. You are one thousand roses laid softly on white marble arrayed in different colors. You are the subtle movements of the eyes that clearly convey emotions that could never be verbally described. You are the soaring eagles that grace red skies. You are the beautiful depths of the soul where love abides. You are the angel that I reach for when I cry. You are ethereal in nature; something beautiful, delicate, and intricate that is difficult to capture. You are sweet rapture. You are the embodiment of what was divinely created in wondrous inception and nothing after. You are the healing power of laughter. You are the reflection of celestial elements sprinkled throughout the vastness of undiscovered galaxies. You’re existence is a wonderful reality. You are love in unadulterated purity. You are the eyes that see for me when I can’t see. Even the angels envy your beauty. You are that quiet resilience within me. You are that deep loving embrace when I weep. You are who I think about about after I arise and before I sleep. You are the snowflakes that fall on passionate lovers. You are immortalized in me eyes. You are like no other.

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