Black Lace

Euphoric flesh is wonderfully graced with black lace. Sensual contours are held tightly within an embroidered embrace. Light sprays of floral perfume add to beautiful perfection. Lace against the skin feels heavenly, and it is aesthetically pleasing. Black lace accentuates the wondrous femininity of a woman. Gaze upon her thoughtfully, and contemplate the erotic origin of her sexual expression. Embroidered darkness holds her body in sweet caress — she exudes confidence; she is the embodiment of sexiness. Lace that inadvertently brushes against the erect nipples of her breasts cause her to be wet; the natural lubricant of her desire permeates the black embroidery that is between her legs, but the dark material holds her secret. The contrast of black lace against her skin is akin to a rare majestic painting; under pink satin sheets it becomes even more amazing.

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