Extended Trysts

Willing flesh is receptive to pleasure in its eagerness.
The tongue teasingly stimulates the places around the nipples
and then sucks and licks directly on the sensitive erectness.
Hardened thickness explores the source of unlimited wetness
and reaches the most pleasurable spots of its depths.
A woman nearing orgasm rides a man with her arm around his neck.
The measure of his erectness causes her to lose her breath.
They fuck vigorously, drenched in passionate beads of sweat.
He whispers lasciviously to her about the way she sucked his cock,
reminding her of the way she savored its taste, its thickness, its length.
She rides him hard with her back against the wall, testing his strength.
A few hours after he’s gone, she’ll use her vibrator to extend the pleasure;
A butt plug in her ass, heightens the intensity of her orgasms—
for her lover and for herself, sometimes she records her erotic sessions.
When she has stiletto sandals and an ankle bracelet on, his mouth waters,
eager to please her orally in every way — nonstop, for several hours.
An experienced lover, he knows how to navigate her body perfectly—
causing her to release constantly, loudly and intensely.
A part of her secrecy is, she likes golden showers in the shower,
and a tongue in her ass makes her clit pulsate and her nipples harder.

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