Sensual Musings

Kiss me deeply, and exhale intimacy into my lungs. Let me inhale the essence of you. let me please you orally in coordination with fingers that are used skillfully, reaching the perfect depth, until you shudder and lose your breath. Let me admire the beauty of your breasts as you sensually writhe on black satin sheets and lose yourself. Let me feel the vibrations of your intense release on my tongue and savor the taste of euphoria that lingers. Open yourself to me completely; allow me to immerse myself in the gorgeous secrets of your femininity. Let me gaze upon the subtle sensuality of your pedicured feet adorned with stiletto sandals and red polished toes that signify your heat. Wear your most appealing dress so women stare at you with envy and men gaze upon you with unbridled lustful fantasies. Whisper erotically as you look back at me entering you slowly. Give me the pleasure of alerting me with loud screams and silence in-between before you intensely release all over me. Say my name slowly through breathless whispers; open your legs wider, and allow me to bathe in the euphoria of your erotic rivers. Savor the remembrance of our long sessions of unadulterated intimacy, and touch yourself in the privacy of a dark room when you think of me. Right before you climax, say my name after you count down from three. After, lie in stillness with your eyes closed, and breathe deeply. Remember the softness of my lips that kissed your inner thighs with bliss and the experience of my tongue that caused your body to uncontrollably shudder and release with an intensity like you had with no other. Remember the pleasure that you vocalized to me when I explored your body causing you to rub your clit as I looked into your eyes and went lower. Remember when I asked you to hold your legs back for me so I could go deeper. Recall when you would randomly call me, telling me that you were wet at work and that you wanted me. Remember me telling you to go to your work bathroom and take off your panties. Recall the excited tone in your voice when you told me that men always approached you but you told them all that you belonged to me. Remember, I told you that I loved you and would, even if I had eyes that couldn’t see.

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