Black Satin

Covered eyes can’t see the skilled hands that excite the throbbing parts of the body. Sounds of pleasure are let out softly initially, but then loudly with each level of intensity. Darkness heightens the other senses — she feels the essence of an eager tongue skilled in pleasure and its brushes against her wetness. She feels the sensations in her nipples as she lightly pinches the sensitive erectness. She breathes deeply, savoring the passion of a well endowed man — his length; his thickness. She had been left to contemplate her oncoming pleasure after she was blindfolded, then showered with neck kisses as fingers rubbed and pressed down on the pulsating source of her wetness. The intensity of her consecutive releases leave her breathless. She doesn’t need to see to position herself in doggie and be entered slowly then fucked and spanked aggressively. Her hair is pulled firmly. Black satin cover beautiful eyes that can tell no lies but always convey fiery sensuality discreetly. What she can feel she doesn’t need to see. The darkness is needed to conceal the erotic mystery. She knew that she would be pleased and fucked thoroughly, but she didn’t who it would be. She knew that she would be taken with experienced hands that are strong and steady, but she didn’t know how many.

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