Haunt Me

The unwritten sentences of my heart are of love. passion, and sorrow. My lips yearn to feel again the exquisiteness of a passionate kiss. The beauty of her smile is indelible upon my withered soul. For so many seasons I have longed for warmth, but my portion has been listlessness and bitter cold. The depths of my heart are many mysteries untold. For just once, can I not taste of love in its unadulterated pureness? I was conceived in pain, and in pain is where I still remain. In shackles of loneliness and desolation I am restrained in heavy chains. The crow perches above me and recites beautiful poems to keep me going, and my withered soul prays for rain. I swear on all that is dear to me that I pray for rain. Even when I can see glimpses of the sun’s rays, the devastation of my soul does not wane. I swear it does not wane. I call on heaven to take away the pain, but the darkness swallows up the bellowing of my misery. My resolve is dampened, but yet I am here. For what purpose do I exist save to endure incessant torment for the rest of my days? After years of heavy sorrow there is no more weeping, and acceptance of one’s fate sets in. The bottomless pit seeks to swallow me whole and totally decimate me. Oh, Lord of my Fathers, look down upon your rugged son and see the extent of his desolation. Reverse time, so that I can once again feel the warmth of my mothers bosom. Let me go to a place where an angel awaits and unload my burdens as she kisses me tenderly. Let pain not forever be my portion but love, peace, and majesty. Restore to me what was lost when my heart shattered and the vultures circled over me seeking to consume the remnants of what once made me happy. Even the memory of the wonderful scent of her hair haunts me. I swear it haunts me. At night, she comes to me, whispering: my love is a deep well; draw from me — and I drink of her essence to sustain me. I swear somehow she sustains me. For hours, I meditate upon the beauty of her love in divine intimacy. We feel each other deeply in transcendence from mere physicality. In my frailty, she is the heart that beats for me; I swear she is the heart that beats for me. In my dry desolation, she is the oasis that awaits me. Haunt me, my love. Haunt me beautifully.

You Are (2)

You are a book of blessed verses with joyous tears of angels permeated in all the pages. You are eternal beauty that never ages. You are a beautiful vineyard surrounded by a vast field of roses. You are a diamond — the most beautiful; the rarest. You are the precious memories that wipe away widows tears. You are the depths of a loving heart yet to be discovered. You are the indescribable emotions within a new mother who just delivered. You are a passionate kiss that causes the heart to flutter. You are the essence of the beauty of dusk in the summer. You are one thousand roses laid softly on white marble arrayed in different colors. You are the subtle movements of the eyes that clearly convey emotions that could never be verbally described. You are the soaring eagles that grace red skies. You are the beautiful depths of the soul where love abides. You are the angel that I reach for when I cry. You are ethereal in nature; something beautiful, delicate, and intricate that is difficult to capture. You are sweet rapture. You are the embodiment of what was divinely created in wondrous inception and nothing after. You are the healing power of laughter. You are the reflection of celestial elements sprinkled throughout the vastness of undiscovered galaxies. You’re existence is a wonderful reality. You are love in unadulterated purity. You are the eyes that see for me when I can’t see. Even the angels envy your beauty. You are that quiet resilience within me. You are that deep loving embrace when I weep. You are who I think about about after I arise and before I sleep. You are the snowflakes that fall on passionate lovers. You are immortalized in me eyes. You are like no other.

Black Lace

Euphoric flesh is wonderfully graced with black lace. Sensual contours are held tightly within an embroidered embrace. Light sprays of floral perfume add to beautiful perfection. Lace against the skin feels heavenly, and it is aesthetically pleasing. Black lace accentuates the wondrous femininity of a woman. Gaze upon her thoughtfully, and contemplate the erotic origin of her sexual expression. Embroidered darkness holds her body in sweet caress — she exudes confidence; she is the embodiment of sexiness. Lace that inadvertently brushes against the erect nipples of her breasts cause her to be wet; the natural lubricant of her desire permeates the black embroidery that is between her legs, but the dark material holds her secret. The contrast of black lace against her skin is akin to a rare majestic painting; under pink satin sheets it becomes even more amazing.

Shattered Mask

In my sorrow, do not ridicule me. Do not seek to question my heart’s sincerity. Do tears not run in mourning? Do I not keep her nestled in the depths of my soul for safe keeping? Am I not desolate in my grieving? Do my own tears not drown me from incessant weeping? Did I not kiss her face tenderly while she was sleeping? The glory of her beauty haunts me unmercifully — and to think love was within my grasp. Eyes behold my countenance as a whole man, because daily I wear the mask; but truthfully, I am deeply wounded and shattered like glass. I seek to be whole again, but every hour I am violently torn asunder again and again, and I am shattered like glass.

One Last Time

Kiss me with a euphoric vigor, and before you leave me forever, tonight again, be my lover. Allow me to make love to you one last time and leave the essence of my love for you deep inside. Open your heart to me so there I can forever abide; let me breathe your aura, pour out my heart to you, and look deeply into your beautiful eyes. Whisper sensually, that you will always love me, and wipe away my cries.

Extended Trysts

Willing flesh is receptive to pleasure in its eagerness.
The tongue teasingly stimulates the places around the nipples
and then sucks and licks directly on the sensitive erectness.
Hardened thickness explores the source of unlimited wetness
and reaches the most pleasurable spots of its depths.
A woman nearing orgasm rides a man with her arm around his neck.
The measure of his erectness causes her to lose her breath.
They fuck vigorously, drenched in passionate beads of sweat.
He whispers lasciviously to her about the way she sucked his cock,
reminding her of the way she savored its taste, its thickness, its length.
She rides him hard with her back against the wall, testing his strength.
A few hours after he’s gone, she’ll use her vibrator to extend the pleasure;
A butt plug in her ass, heightens the intensity of her orgasms—
for her lover and for herself, sometimes she records her erotic sessions.
When she has stiletto sandals and an ankle bracelet on, his mouth waters,
eager to please her orally in every way — nonstop, for several hours.
An experienced lover, he knows how to navigate her body perfectly—
causing her to release constantly, loudly and intensely.
A part of her secrecy is, she likes golden showers in the shower,
and a tongue in her ass makes her clit pulsate and her nipples harder.

Immense length and circumference find the perfect depths that make the pleasure process memorable and intense. Hair is pulled with a fervent firmness, holding in place an erotic stillness that is needed for euphoric moans and uncontrollable wetness. Eyes are closed, shutting down one of the senses — in turn, intensifying touch, taste, and all the rest.