You Are

You are the beauty of the mystery of whispers unheard;
The subtly of a slight brush that brings a hidden rush;
The transcendency of intimacy that is often ignored;
The tears that run after vows of the heart are exchanged in silence;
The breath of archangels in snow that fall softly on winter flowers;
The depth of words spoken in the most intimate hours.

You are the glory of the sun’s rays, gleaming through spring showers;
A Passionate kiss given to the brokenhearted in their most lonely hours;
The beauty of true love found in an instant by happenstance;
The unspoken conveyance of deep feelings in a passionate glance;
The vigor of revived souls near death, given another chance;
The utterances of the long tormented that finally found peace;
The majesty of every wonderful intricacy above and underneath.

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