Pleasurable Position

Deep penetration breaks the long purposeful anticipation; from behind, is her most pleasurable position. She breathes heavily as she takes him — he likes to use his tongue on her to keep her clit throbbing in–between long sessions of fucking. His tongue always remains in place when she begins to orgasm, receiving the full essence of her intense passion. She has a beautiful pussy, and she tastes so good to him. The length of the tip of his mischievous wet warm tongue in her ass as she rubs her clit is an assurance that she will powerfully cum again. Turning her over in her favorite position, the head of his throbbing cock slowly enters in, and she steadies herself in anticipation of another hard euphoric fucking. His erotic passion drives him, pulling her hair and pounding her deeply with lascivious words uttered through the tone of his sensual whispering. Roughly, he pounds her again and again; she shows her approval through the loudness of her moaning. He needs to know that she belongs to him and only him. Her body answers all his questions through heightened euphoric shaking and shuddering. Fuck me; I’m going to cum again, her lips profess to him.

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