Intimate Whispers

Tonight, he takes care of her with more than just carnal pleasure; but with sincere loving whispers that move her, gentle kisses, and intimate secrets that he’s never told anyone, that he thought he would hold within his heart forever. He truly loves her, and it shows in the way he gives all of himself to her. There is an otherworldly beauty in the way they share joyous tears together. To give her the world, he would do anything within his power. She is a delicate flower, and daily he showers her petals with refreshing loving water. To taste of a woman’s essence, is to experience the gorgeous fulness of intimate transcendence. There is nothin more beautiful in this world or any to come than a woman. The warmth of her body alone moves him to emotion. To listen to the beats of her heart, is to be close to her in an intimate way that even the archangels would tearfully gaze upon. Every moment of immersion in her love is a deep breath. Every second she is held by him is akin to a desolate person finding love’s new beginning. Truthfully, he would die for her, willingly. She is his breath and the steps that reach his utter depths. Oh, what beauty it is to see a woman truly loved with her eyes closed in the throes of ecstasy! He kisses her passionately with the undertones of an affectionate intensity. What they possess is not just mere sexual compatibility, but a true and wonderful intimacy. These are the words that he whispered to her in tearful sincerity: I love you. With everything within me, truly, I love you baby. There is no other that captures me. In the rapture of our love, I find peace. In the wreckage of my life on unforgiving seas, you are the angel that cared for me and lovingly reached. You are the life within me; without you, I can’t breathe. You are the lone pink rose that grew beautifully in a desolate forest among many towering trees.

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