The Instructor

Slowly, take off your panties, get on your knees, and crawl to me, her instructor tells her, whisperingly. Her wetness became present at the the first word of his utterance. When she pleases him with her mouth, she also pleases herself, but she is not allowed to have an orgasm without his permission. Her instructor tells her to bend over for a spanking, and she is willing — her pulsating longing for his hard measure’s penetration leaves her dripping. Many times, she has been with him, and every time, she has indescribably wonderful orgasms in her submission. She loves when she is handcuffed, blindfolded, and roughly fucked. Her clit throbs and her vaginal walls quiver upon the entrance of the huge head of his rock hard cock. In euphoric tones, she often says to him, Don’t stop — and she loves to cum all over him with her hands tied behind her, especially, when she is on top. Blindfolded, she is instructed to suck his fingers before she is put in the prone position for an anal fucking, but before her ass is thoroughly explored, she is lead to her knees to suck his cock again. His hard fucking of her ass and her clit’s throbbing euphoric sensitivity leads her to the verge of an orgasm, but before she can cum, she must first ask. He says, No; but instead, her makes her beg to release on white sheets that will be soon soaked into the bed. Still, he fucks her roughly with his large hand on her head, pressing her face into the pillows that muffle her screams, and she asks again, Can I cum? Yes, he answers, knowing with or without an approving answer she wouldn’t have lasted five seconds longer. She releases, deeply and thoroughly, shuddering wildly as if her body was charged with overpowering volts of electricity. She shakes uncontrollably with her hand that was always underneath her, erotically massaging her pussy. She looks at her instructor with eyes that convey the love of the way he fucked and commanded her. Put your panties back on, he tells her.

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