The Affair

With throbbing anticipation under white cotton
he awaits her arrival at his hotel suite for a
weekend of eroticism before she goes back
home to her husband.

She claims she only wants her lover’s cock
to make her constantly dripping longing stop,
but with every thrust, new feelings erupt, and with
every session of fucking, she gives more of
her heart to him.

Every time they meet, she first takes off her ring,
then falls into his arms and passionately kisses him
before getting on her knees to suck the full length
of his erect girth.

Her pulsating pussy receives his cock gladly;
he always fucks her roughly and vigorously,
because when they first met, she told him explicitly
that’s what she needed badly.

At her first fuck session with him, she released her passion
and had waves of powerful orgasms, again and again;
every time they have intercourse, she rides his cock with force
because that is the position she most easily releases in.

Her lover taught her the joys of anal pleasure,
and every time they fuck, he explores her ass with his cock,
as she rubs her euphoric receptive clit with her fingers
or a vibrator.

Before, she never allowed him to cum inside her,
but the more they fucked, the more they got closer,
and in that closeness, rules were quickly broken
without a second thought and without inhibition.

She knows he is handsome and fucks other women,
but her craving for him has no ending; when she is at home
with her husband, she longs for him — touching herself
when she is alone and when she talks to him on
the phone.

Her lover has never asked her to leave her husband
but doesn’t know why she continues to stay with him;
He thinks that maybe she does it for the children
or that she doesn’t want the embarrassment of a divorce
in the company of her socialite friends.

Either way, her marriage is not a part of his daily contemplation;
He gives her what she needs, and likes the passionate sucking
of his throbbing cock that she so eagerly gives on her knees.

She pays for everything when they meet, and she fucks him
in everyway possibly, because he is a well hung lover
who thoroughly satisfies her and with whom she is very familiar;
and also because he is experienced and particularly discreet.

She walks into his hotel suite, and immediately she
falls to her knees and looks up at him with passionate intent to please;
After, he instructs her to take of her clothes slowly
and perform a striptease.

Later, he teases her extremely wet pussy with his fingers
as she whispers, I need your cock now. Fuck me, please. He obliges her longing—
and with every firm pulling of her hair, and with every vigorous thrust,
and with every erotic shuddering, she belongs to him.

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