Lovers share passion that would make Eros and Aphrodite jealous. A woman closes her eyes and heavily breathes from constant euphoric thrusts. With passion, her lover fucks her — his width, stimulating her vaginal walls and bringing ecstasy to her clit. As he is deep inside her, he whispers and kisses her erogenous neck and the beautiful contours of her shoulders. Lasciviously, he asks her if she enjoyed the pleasure of his mouth and fingers. A well lubricated beaded glass dildo in her ass, accompanies the thick circumference of his shaft as they both walk the erotic path. The sounds of satisfaction from double penetration beautifully reverberate from her open mouth; the same mouth that twenty minutes prior, had serviced the large head and shaft of her lover’s cock. Fuck me; don’t stop, is her mantra — and he does, with the passion and enthusiasm of an experienced lover. After she releases, he will turn her over on her back to service her clit with his tongue; along with the glass dildo in her ass, she will again intensely cum. Their uninhibited fucking embodies the definition of hedonism, but still, they are not done. Before erotic completion, they explore many different positions with passionate utterances and deep kisses. The perspiration on their bodies, signals a long sensual session. When they are done, he knows that her pulsating ass and pussy will still feel him and that she has an endless craving that will drive her to self pleasure even just a few hours after. When he’s away, she likes to call him and let him listen to her many self-given orgasms. Knowing that her teasing causes his cock to stiffen, makes her extremely wet. The way she skillfully rubs her throbbing clit and reaches orgasm from anal penetration had been learned by her over a period of several months. She starts by pleasing her ass with slight penetration before fully going in with warm water based lubrication. Her session ends with several waves of intense releases, uncontrollable shuddering, and screaming. For so long, she wanted a man with the girth of a large cock to maintain the euphoria of her pleasure receptive vagina. A hard and rhythmic pounding from behind with her large breasts on a table firmly pressed is what she had been envisioning.

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