From the Heart

I had tried for so long to purge your memory from me, but in my attempt, I discovered that you were not only in my memories, but you are a part of me eternally. I say that I no longer love you, loudly, but I caress your face and kiss you in the depths of my spirit quietly. There was a time I told you that I wanted you to be happy, even without me, but now, perhaps selfishly, I want your happiness to be an immersion in me. My desolation takes me to an unforgiving and dark place where the hands of the clock move extremely slowly, mercilessly prolonging my misery. Rescue me, lest I drown in the deep cold waters of despondency. My life is forfeit lest there is love in it; in my tearful plea for love, I am passionate. In my brokenness, I hold myself together from the remnants of love that I draw on entirely too much — and I fear it fades away from me daily. In agony, the soul cannot lie; the truth must be professed. In my confession, I must say, there is an emptiness and a distinct pain that is relentless. Perhaps I will call on heaven’s archangels to come down and illuminate my darkness with celestial light. At night, I walk among the trees and search for her aura in the twilight. One thousand pink long stemmed roses are the beauty and fragrance of my utterances. Love, I wait on you with tears for you to embrace me once again. The length, scent, and texture of her hair alone moved me to emotion. True intimacy expressed in sensual darkness is more precious than diamonds. I hold many emotional letters of love in my heart that are unfinished, hoping that love will find me once again, and that my desolate fate will be rewritten.

Pleasurable Position

Deep penetration breaks the long purposeful anticipation; from behind, is her most pleasurable position. She breathes heavily as she takes him — he likes to use his tongue on her to keep her clit throbbing in–between long sessions of fucking. His tongue always remains in place when she begins to orgasm, receiving the full essence of her intense passion. She has a beautiful pussy, and she tastes so good to him. The length of the tip of his mischievous wet warm tongue in her ass as she rubs her clit is an assurance that she will powerfully cum again. Turning her over in her favorite position, the head of his throbbing cock slowly enters in, and she steadies herself in anticipation of another hard euphoric fucking. His erotic passion drives him, pulling her hair and pounding her deeply with lascivious words uttered through the tone of his sensual whispering. Roughly, he pounds her again and again; she shows her approval through the loudness of her moaning. He needs to know that she belongs to him and only him. Her body answers all his questions through heightened euphoric shaking and shuddering. Fuck me; I’m going to cum again, her lips profess to him.


Vicious words wound deeply through fierce lips, spoken vitriolically; without pause, long held sentiments of resentment flow from the tongue fluently — in an instant, love is retracted and utterly shattered, marking a new reality. A feeling of impending desolation creeps in, exploiting the soft underbelly of vulnerability mercilessly. Tears are shed unceasingly as tormented weeping is carried out in cold darkness silently. The heart is pierced with the dagger of sadness then ripped apart violently. The soul withers as tearful eyes gaze lifelessly. Sleep is not found ; the appetite wanes, and in heavy sorrow the body moves listlessly. Hopes of forever are shattered instantly; the utterly broken heart feels the pull of death’s gravity, and in a depressive state, the tearful broken hearted question their sanity.

Recollection of Passion

If you ever loved me at all, take the remnants of my broken heart and shattered soul and make a place for me in the vastness of your most affectionate memories, and there I will forever be, rested in your warmth — rescued from the bitter cold of the purgatory of unloved souls who were forgotten by their formers lovers and left unknown without a loving home; in ceaseless weeping they roam; at 4 AM hear them moan, wailing, hoping to be remembered again in beautiful memories of intimacy, that hearken back to sounds of ecstasy. They are revived and again come alive with every former lover’s passionate solo release that used some part of their shared memories or with every familiar place they had both frequented that stir emotions of whatever happened to her or him and the contemplation of what could have been or the sentiment of anything loving.

Cold Protrusion

Melting ice is moved circularly and slowly over erect nipples, causing a sensual stiffness that makes the protrusions more prominent. A warm mouth sucks them between the cold circular sessions, providing an erotic contrast that causes a clitoris to pulsate and heavy breathing to ensue. Ice is intentionally sucked forcefully so the tip of the tongue can become cold enough to be numb, making it the perfect pleasure tool to lick awaiting pleasure receptive nipples; the light wet brushing, making the recipient moan from the semi rough texture of the eager tongue combined with cold pleasure. The contrasting warmth and cold is joined together with a powerful vibrator to bring a distinct erogenous euphoria. Ice melts and turns into cold water that drips from near numb fingers. Cold kisses are given on the lips and neck, then back again to anticipatory nipples that wonderfully protrude, beautifully and erect. The chain reaction of sensation makes her pussy wet. Her throbbing clit, almost demanding that it be sucked and licked with the same passion, accompanied by melting ice that numbs the tip of the cold tongue, that will lick and lightly brush against warm pleasure receptive flesh, causing an otherworldly orgasm.

I give all of myself, without regret and without fear that when I awake you may not be here. If I should lose you, let the pain in my heart be expelled through sleepless days and nights of heavy ceaseless tears — and in my mourning, let me hold you tightly once again, gently placing within the safety and secrecy of my sincere heart, the last remembered image of your beautiful face and the precious memories that we shared.