Age of Passion

Midnight sensuality
releases beautiful intensity;
After many years together,
two lovers still Lovingly
Please each other thoroughly—
Experienced hands stimulate
The pleasure points of a
Receptive body perfectly.
Her feminine needs are not forgotten;
The importance of foreplay
Is definitely not lost on him.
Slowly, they intertwine in intimacy;
They whisper loving things to each other
In-between kissing deeply.
Under soft light, they make
love to each other passionately;
Sexual sounds indicate the
Progression of eroticism
As an eager tongue leads to
The first of many orgasms.
Time is of no concern when lovers
have all night erotic marathons;
The dawning of the morning light
Brings the rich taste of Irish coffee
And caps off a passionate night
Of wonderful ecstasy.

The Way

It’s the way he holds her;
It’s the impassioned kisses
on her neck, back, and shoulders;
It’s the emotion in the words
of his sensual whispers;
It’s his dedication to her pleasure;
It’s the intense fire of his erotic nature;
It’s the deep love in his eyes when
he longingly gazes at her;

It’s the way his tongue licks around
her nipples when she rides him;
It’s the way she releases on his girth
over and over again when moaning;
It’s the unbreakable bond between them;
It’s the scorching heat of their shared passion;
It’s the way he takes his time with her
and appreciates her natural beauty;
It’s the way he expresses himself to her
and loves her unconditionally.

With Every Breath

Impassioned kisses fall on responsive flesh.
Euphoric anticipation is the beginning of heavy breaths.
Her contours alone are a mystery waiting to be discovered—
To be held in the rapture of true love causes tears to fall.
They accept each other in totality — flaws and all.
Her wondrous depths are indescribably beautiful;
Gorgeous whispers stir up emotions that even
A seasoned literary genius could not fully describe.
She is a light being who was reborn with diamonds in her eyes.
Her smile is a work of art, pristine and frozen in time—
It is displayed prominently in her life’s art gallery.
Her heart is protected like a priceless piece preserved
In protective wrapping for more than three centuries.
The warmth of her soul incites secrets to be told;
The sensual warmth of her body is a refuge from the cold.
There is a transcendent euphoria found in pleasing her;
To touch the parts of her body receptive to pleasure
Is to stir the vibrant colors of her vast erotic aura.
To be inside her, is to connect with her intimate depths;
To truly love her, is to inhale her with every breath.

Soft kisses slowly travel down
to a beautiful wet destination—
His writhing tongue, eager to
tease her through her absolutely
drenched lace black thong;

The sounds of her reactions
signify her throbbing anticipation

Brushing her fingers against her nipples,
she opens her legs wide for him.

Laura’s Erotic Entry

To fulfill her want, Laura takes the day off to stimulate her clit and have multiple orgasms using her magic wand. An additional black butt plug heightens her ecstasy. She thinks about the married handsome muscular man next door as part of her sexual fantasy. Sometimes, she opens her blinds fully and undresses in bright lamplight at night, hoping he will see. Just watching him manicure his lawn causes sudden wetness and an exciting throbbing of her pussy. When he’s outside, she usually watches him for at least a half an hour as she pleases herself, then she takes a long warm shower. Scenarios of his wife going out of town and John coming over to fuck her, run through her mind constantly. Her mouth waters, thinking about sucking his cock and then being taken from behind roughly. She’s wet and pinches the erect nipples of her firm breasts — she can scream and moan as loudly as she wants because she is by herself. Laura has a lover she fucks occasionally, but she prefers her magic wand when she really wants to have orgasms continually. She is a tenured university professor who likes excellent wine and lingerie and has an array of sexual toys in the middle draw of her antique dresser. She goes to the spa to get massages regularly, and she treats herself to Brazilian waxes to maintain a beautiful vagina.

She likes men who know how to use their mouths skillfully; grinding her clit against a man’s tongue makes her reach intense climax easily. In her California King, she continues to please herself, getting up, only to slide on a pair of black stiletto sandals to feel even more feminine in her sexiness. She has a large beach towel under her because she knows how wet she gets. She closes her eyes with her legs spread wide, breathing heavily as she releases and screaming loudly sometimes.