“Look At Me”

He keeps his tongue just stiff enough that she can move back and forth and feel the ecstasy of the warmth of the pleasurable tip. She feverishly rides his face, constantly finding the most erotic spots that his tongue slightly penetrates. His writhing tongue explores her ass where she sits. She uses a vibrator on her throbbing clit, and her release is quick; within a span of three minutes. She pauses to savor the pleasure; resuming her grinding , she rubs her erect sensitive nipples with her vibrator. Wanting to be fucked, she stares at his hard cock that her watering mouth likes to suck. She is extremely familiar with the length and girth of his measure. She thinks about how passionately he will fuck her as his tongue is still inside her. Her thoroughly pleased ass pulsates with a euphoria that causes her pussy to release intensely. The skillful way he satisfies her longing is the result of him intimately knowing her body. Without holding back, he services her ass and pussy passionately. Fucking his face harder and moaning with heavy breathing before her second orgasm, she turns her head and says to him softly, Look at me with a beautiful and unbridled passion.

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