My love, If you should ever leave,
Take the beautiful parts of our moments,
And replant them in the rich soil
Of your fertile and loving heart
So I can grow again within your soul
And be immersed in the depths of you forever;
Remember the way I loved you without fear—
Remember the sincerity of my joyous tears.
Nurture me within your wondrous essence,
And carry me with you wherever you may be.
Let me breathe the breath you breathe,
And let me feel the emotions you feel.
Hide me away within the chambers of your heart,
And let me sleep in the comfort of your heart beat.
Let me arise in the beauty of your hazel eyes,
And be your subtle strength when you cry.
If you should ever give your precious love to another,
Preserve our most loving memories together

So my deep roots do not slowly die and my petals do not wither.
Allow me to flourish within you, even
In the harsh and bitter cold of the winter;
You do not have to keep the door of your love
Wide open for me, but please, just keep
The door slightly cracked so I can at least
peer through and see any love you have left for me;
And if not, let me cry my final tears
And fade away from you, quietly.

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