Jennifer’s Discovery

Jennifer finally got the fucking she’d been awaiting. She’d long seen the huge bulge protruding from her co-worker’s dress slacks. She dreamed of sucking his big cock and stroked her clit with a powerful vibrator, moaning and squirting on her back. He was her ongoing fantasy, and she’d released intensely many times thinking about him, in fact. Jennifer usually didn’t date co-workers, but she didn’t care anymore. Her throbbing pussy belonged to him, and he didn’t know it; she wanted to be his whore but she didn’t show it. Even at work, she would take bathroom breaks to play with her nipples and rub her clit; sometimes she would be gone from her desk for a long time, but she didn’t give a shit. Being a new home owner, she finally found an excuse to invite him over — at her house warming gathering, many of her family and friends were there. She was dressed exceptionally beautifully with open toes stiletto heels, an off shoulder frills black mini dress, and her long black curled hair. She was happy that her co-worker Dorian was there. She stared at him all evening and smiled at him as he talked to her friends, sitting comfortably on her dinning room chairs. It was getting late, and her guests began to leave; Dorian got up to go, but Jennifer told him, Don’t leave yet, please. All day, all she could think about was the raging fire of her sexual needs. After everyone else left, he stayed behind, and it was then that Jennifer skipped the subtleties — leading him up to her second floor master bedroom, she kissed him deeply and looked into his eyes as she got on her knees. She knew the huge bulge in his pants was going to be hers, and she sucked it passionately like it was. Without words, he just moaned and looked at her; her tongue under the base of his cock, heightening his pleasure. From behind, he took her and fucked her intensely with his long thick measure. The width of his cock stretched her; her pulsating pussy releasing over and over again on him. He would stop intermittently and make her beg for it. Between her hard fucking, she would get back on her knees to taste his dick and the passion she released on it. He took the time to please her with the use of his experienced tongue running up and down on her sensitive clit. She looked back at him with dreamy eyes, biting her lip. Again, he bent her over and pulled her hair as his cock explored inside her everywhere; to make her cum again, he uttered erotic whispers, and fucked her like he really wanted her. His cock thoroughly satisfied her receptive pussy, and she wanted him to spend the night with her, so he stayed and slept over. It wasn’t until the second passionate fucking the morning after, that she realized, the whole time, the bulge in his pants was always for her.

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